The new aristocracy that's telling us what to think

SELF-IMPORTANT: It seems that it's no longer enough for award-winning actors to say "thanks" and walk off the stage.
SELF-IMPORTANT: It seems that it's no longer enough for award-winning actors to say "thanks" and walk off the stage.

Is it just me, or are the Oscars really boring? It's a pity the Oscars don't have a category for Most Boring Awards Night, because I think they'd win.

Even the entertainment industry can't make an awards night entertaining.

Still, I like going out to the cinema because, no matter where I go in Australia - rural or city - movies are the only thing I'm never late for.

If a movie's starting time is 8pm, the only thing you can be sure of is that that movie will NOT start at 8pm.

It might start 8.19pm, 8.26pm - even 8.44pm one night - but never at the advertised time.

And notice they don't start at a consistently measurable delayed time either, like always the same 20 minutes late.

Thus, we're forced to get into the theatre on time - just in case - and endure their ads and movie spoilers.

Yep, if you're late for a movie at the cinema these days it's your own fault and there's no hope for you. Get your life together! You're probably staying up too late ... watching movies!

Once again, there was no host at this year's Oscars.

There was no Ricky Gervais who, as host of last month's Golden Globe Awards, advised those present in his opening monologue: "If you do win an award tonight, don't use it as a platform to make a political speech.

"You're in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world." They did anyway.

Gervais was joking - I think - but, as an old Spanish proverb warns, "between a joke and a joke lies the truth".

I try and pay attention to the entertainment industry, as I believe they are the mouthpiece for the new, unseen aristocracy.

In the absence of better guidance, this aristocracy is trying hard to decide what we think because they decide what we watch, the dialogue we use, the causes we should be "woke" about, and the fashions we are to wear. I think Gervais is on to something. It's not enough for entertainers these days to say "thank you" and walk off the stage. They tell us that we need to think like they think.

This year's Oscar award for best actor went to Joaquin Phoenix for his title role in the film Joker. In part, he used his acceptance speech to criticise farmers for artificially inseminating cows and then stealing their babies' milk.

Is the entertainment industry saying we shouldn't drink milk now?

What does he think Tinseltown is going to use to make skinny lattes - plant-based milk? What a joker.

Yet, I felt a more dangerous "speech" from the entertainment industry came a week earlier as part of the Super Bowl's half-time entertainment.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira by all accounts dazzled an audience of more than 104 million people.

This all sounds great, until you look at how they entertained.

In costumes that left little to the imagination, Shakira shook her near-naked buttocks while Lopez seductively pole danced in a way that until recent times would not have been seen outside of a strip club.

This is the same Jennifer Lopez who in 2018 wore all black and was a loud supporter of the #MeToo movement. The hypocrisy is astounding.

The performance has been called "women's empowerment".

But it doesn't matter what something is called, what matters is what something is.

The way these two women performed at the Super Bowl was a tease.

The problem with teasing more than 100 million people is that it tempts, and teaches, adults and children to think in ways they would rather not.

In the Bible, when Herodias' daughter danced for King Herod she drove him so crazy that he mindlessly offered her anything she wanted - even half his kingdom. She asked and received the head of John the Baptist on a dish.

Lust has broken up many marriages, lost spouses half their kingdom and left innocent children the biggest losers.

If entertainers love audiences enough to preach, then they should stop teasing them.

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