Vote on whether lamington-flavoured hot cross buns be a thing?

Should lamington-flavoured hot cross buns be a thing?

There are some things that just go together - bacon and eggs, salt and pepper, butter and corn ...

A certain Australian supermarket has paired - wait for it - hot cross buns and .... lamingtons.

According to its PR spruikings: "The mash-up of the iconic Aussie treat and the humble hot cross bun follows customer research which revealed 54 per cent of customers surveyed said they'd love to eat a lamington-flavoured bun."

Apparently, using the "unique flavour profile of the Australian lamington", the limited edition buns are made with "chocolate, studded with milk chocolate chips, toasted shaved coconut chunks and bursts of soft raspberry jellies".

The buns, produced in time for Australia Day, have been months in the making.

Coles senior category manager Freddie Hancock said that customers are becoming increasingly open to new flavours when done right.

"We're always listening to customer feedback to determine new product launches, and it's important for us to have some fun with flavours and shake up the hot cross bun market to give customers something they've never had before, but ultimately it has to taste great," Mr Hancock said.

Having launched its hot cross buns back in November, this latest addition to the range is now available in Coles stores.