Riverina Leader Sport | August 14

CONTEST: Temora's Abbey Reinhold wins possession in the weekend's round of Farrer League Netball.
CONTEST: Temora's Abbey Reinhold wins possession in the weekend's round of Farrer League Netball.


What a shambles last week's ride was, a case of bad luck I'm all right Jack. Oscar and Woody led the way followed by Mark who broke down, due to low oil pressure, in Trail Street.

The next two riders, Fred and Gino, just rode on by leaving Mark to figure out his own problems and caught up to the lead riders who eventually arrived at Leeton for lunch. Smithy, who had some commitments at home left later and caught up with the others in Leeton, while Mark just went home to get his Ute and take his Harley home for further inspection.

The homeward journey was through Ardlethan where Woody peeled off and went home to Temora. The rest took the track to Coolamon and home. A pleasant day's outing but please when riding in a group, big or small, keep an eye out for your companions, it may not be just a mechanical issue that causes them to stop. It could be a medical issue!

Saturday's Meet and Greet was a very small affair with 8 brave souls venturing out into the snow and ice. We all enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and some had one of those muffin things. Then it was home back to the fire.

There was no ride on the Sunday and even if there had been, I doubt we would have had many starters - the weather was absolutely foul. This coming Sunday is the annual trek to the Morundah Pub where we will meet up with the Griffith mob and Albury-Wodonga. It always promises to be a good day out and the meal put on is always tops. I have checked with Mr Google and he tells me the weather will be ok.

With the tri-branch weekend coming up in September you will need to do a bit of planning ahead. The weekend runs from Friday, September 6 to Sunday, September 8, with plenty of activities over the three days. The main accommodation spot is the Lake Talbot Caravan Park in Narrandera, with cabin prices ranging from $155 to $100 for 2 persons, and cabins can hold from 4 persons to 8 persons. Give the park a call on 6959 1302 to make your booking. Contact the MIA Branch on miaulysses@hotmail.com for an entry form and have it back to them by the 31st of this month.

Recreational Registration Survey Launched

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP has launched a comprehensive survey for off-road bike riders to have a say in what a scheme to grant cheaper recreational registration and CTP insurance might look like. In May this year, Ms Hornery met with representatives from peak bodies representing thousands of off-road riders in NSW to discuss the need for a recreational registration scheme. A Notice of Motion was also moved in Parliament calling for the Minister to work towards implementing a scheme. Off-road bike riders across NSW have been calling for a similar scheme to the one that operates in Victoria and previous attempts in NSW to get a scheme up and operating have failed.

Women Riders World Relay - Mildura - Kangaroo Flats - Lilydale - Wagga Wagga - 29th - 31st August

Ride all or any of the legs:

Day 184 Leg 1 Mildura - Kangaroo Flat.

Day 185 Leg 2 Kangaroo Flat - Lilydale.

Day 186 Leg 3 Lilydale - Wagga Wagga.

All info at: www.womenridersworldrelay.com.

The Bega Valley Motorcycle Expo

This expo started life in 2010 and over the years has developed into the huge event it is today. A great day out for all the family, the 2019 Expo will feature a show-and-shine, trade expo, live music, food vendors and more. This year the expo will be held on Saturday, September 7.

Camping is available on site and there is also plenty of accommodation up and down the Sapphire Coast. Follow the link here and start planning. https://www.sapphirecoast.com.au/event/bega-valley-motorcycle-expo/

Remember, if you are going to have a drink and you register .05 you will lose your license for three months on the spot. A sobering thought. Ride safe.

Wagga RSL Men's Bowling Club

Club competition this week was limited to Wednesday am and pm due to rain and freezing conditions. Wednesday am blind draw winners coming in with 12.50 points were Brian Harmer, Terry Hilton and Phil Morrison, runners-up were Brian Lawrence and Allen Mulholland with 10.25 followed by Ken Hamilton and Des Salan on 9.25+5.

Wednesday pm Nominated Pairs saw a win to the Rules club pairing of Doug Kinder and Dennis Rawlings, with 2+25, from John Cowper and Bob Robertson on 2+17. The Minor Jackpot was claimed by Dennis Rawlings and Doug Kinder.

Coming Events: Wednesday 10am Blind Draw. 1pm Nominated Pairs and Major Jackpot. Friday 10am Blind Draw. Sunday 10am Mixed Blind Draw. Saturday and Sunday 9:30 am will see the commencement of the Club Major/Minor Pairs.

Wagga RSL Women's Bowling Club

MINOR SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP: After a good game Sue Brown defeated P Reeves


Entries are open for the Bonanza on 23 and 24th September -


W Cornish, D McIntyre and M Hillier d B Stockley, P Whyte & C Coleman.

J Le Leivre & M Passlow d L Gardner & J Beck.

B Latham (swing), B Patterson & P Crawford d B Latham (swing) L Low & P Wray

DAY WINNERS P Crawford's team.

Riverview Bridge Club

The Saturday session included our 15 and under masterpoint competition and it was congratulations to our winners NS Dale Stanbridge and mum, Muff Wilson and EW Heather and Tom Treloar. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Tuesday 6-8


1 4 Rorrison Elizabeth & Britt Isabelle 110 55.000.15

2 2 Woodhouse Catherine & Chamberlain Nicky 104 52.000.11

3 1 Woods Jackie & Caspers Mim 102 51.00


1 3 Dare Sharon & Gerlach Angie 132 66.000.15

2 4 Lindsay Cherry & Kelsall Barbie 109 54.500.11

3 1 Dare John & Gregory Roger 100 50.00

Thursday 8-8


1 1 Bruckner Betty & Britt Isabelle 35 58.300.06

2 2 Dare John & Cook John 29 48.30

3 3 Kurrle Tricia & Stanbridge Dale 26 43.30


1 = 3 Dwyer Mary & Peachey Val 34 56.700.03

1 = 1 Dare Sharon & Burns Sally 34 56.700.03

3 2 Riordan Gwen & Riordan Kevin 22 36.70

Friday 9-8


1 4 Alberni Di & Rorrison Elizabeth 144.8 60.300.18

2 6 Tribe Rick & Burns Sally 143.8 59.900.13

3 1 Woods Jackie & Bittar Marion 127.8 53.300.09


1 2 Treloar Tom & Treloar Heather 135.2 56.300.18

2 1 Moxon Marie & Curtis Yvonne 129.2 53.800.13

3 5 Gaynor Suellen & May Daphne 127 52.900.09

Saturday 10-8


1 7 Foster Margaret & Singh Diana 176.4 61.300.21

2 3 Grant Patti & Moxon Marie 172.8 60.000.15

3 2 Wilson Muff & Stanbridge Dale 152.4 52.900.11


1 2 Treloar Tom & Treloar Heather 176.4 61.300.21

2 3 Gregory Roger & Kelsall Barbie 165.6 57.500.15

3 4 Pereira Margaret & Peacock Ann 163.2 56.700.11

Wagga Wagga Bridge Club


Tuesday, August 6

N/S 1st S Matheson & V Cook; 2nd M Roughan & J Buchhorn; 3rd P Gibson & G McKenzie

E/W 1st D Grady & B Krishan; 2nd B A Davidson & A McDonald; 3rd P Lowe & A McGeoch

Wednesday, August 7

1st J Currie, D Brennan, F Martin, A Berry; 2nd B Krishan, B Hastie, K Riordan, G Riordan

Thursday, August 8

N/S 1st J Ogden & M Whyte; 2nd H Allen & V Stevens; Eq 3rd I Hope & J O'Brien; L O'Brien & G Gerlach

E/W 1st V Cook & A Gerlach; 2nd AM Stevenson & C Stevenson; 3rd P Champain & S Garlick; 4th M Stevens & J Allen

Saturday and Sunday was the Club's most successful annual Congress with players attending from many NSW and Victorian Clubs.

Sat 10 Aug: Congress Pairs:

Open: 1st C Stead & R Hills, Canberra

2nd A Thompson & M Maniccavasagar, Leeton

3rd P Brennan & M Brennan, Cooma

Intermediate: J Jackson & T Dalglish, Wagga

Novice: L Manning & A McMaster, Cootamundra

Best Local not a prizewinner: C McMahon & G McMahon

Sun 11 Aug: Congress Teams:

Open: 1st M Ross, K Douglas, M Maniccavasagar, A Thompson, Leeton

2nd P Glover, B Krishan, D Brennan, J Rava, Wagga

3rd K Creet, A Creet, J Mendick, S Mendick, Canberra

Intermediate: 1st M Jenkins, P Brady, J Jackson, T Dalglish, Wagga

Novice: 1st C Giltrap, D Bowden, M Pemberton, S Pemberton, Albury

2nd A McGeoch, P Lowe, K Riordan, G Riordan, Wagga

Best local team out of prize: C Brown, B Heriot, W Pfitzner, J Currie, Wagga

Wagga Wagga Croquet Club

Alison Hine/Jill Burmeister7 def J Terry/D Glastonbury 6

C Studdert/A Lawrence 7 def F Permezel/F Mowbray

F Brown 7 def G Arbuckle 6

N Nash/C Studdert 7def F Brown/J Burmeister 3

A Hine/A Lawrence 7 def D Glastonbury/F Mowbray6

G Arbuckle/J Terry 7 def F Permezel/James 4

J Burmeister/C Studdert 7 def A Hine/N Nash 3

8th August

N Nash/C Burmeister 7 Def A Hine/M Doig 1

P Coleman/D Glastonbury 7 def B Cuthbert3

J Burmeister 7 def M Priest 2

N Nash/M Oig 7 def C Studdert/B Cuthbert 1

A Hine 7 def J Burmeister 1

D Glastonbury/ M Doig 7 def N Nash/M Priest 4

C Studdert 7 def J Burmeister/B Cuthbert 3