Riverina Leader sport news, June 19

Rules Men's Bowling Club  

TACKLE: Dylan Morton tackles Connor Neyland during the weekend's round of the Riverina Football League. Photo: LES SMITH

TACKLE: Dylan Morton tackles Connor Neyland during the weekend's round of the Riverina Football League. Photo: LES SMITH

Minor Pairs Championship first round: Mick Foxall, Henry Sperrin def Nathan Willis, Daniel Crockett 23/9.

Quarterfinals: Mick Foxall, Henry Sperrin def Kevin Nisbett, Wayne Smithers 22/15; Darren and Harrison Conroy def Rod Roy, Rod Cramp 22/7; Max Simmons, Alan Jacobson def Paul Parker, Kevin Wales 28/10; Mick Carey, Phil Howarth def Darren Kelly, Jim Sloan 22/12.

Semi-finals: Mick Foxall, Henry Sperrin def Darren and Harrison Conroy 25/12; Max Simmons, Alan Jacobson def Mick Carey, Phil Howarth 28/9.

Wednesday blind draw triples sponsored by The Settlers Group and Battery World saw John Hetherington, Wayne Smithers, Pat O'Halloran take out the winner's prize with 24 points; runners-up Alan Jacobson, Max Simmons, Robbie Nolan 22 points; 3rd place Dennis Rawlings, John Stout, Jim Brown 20 points.

Friday Nominated Pairs was sponsored by The Athlete's Foot and Flick & Co. Winners with 24 points were Jim Sloan, Wayne Smithers; runners-up Terry Rosewall, Ron Smith 21 points. Saturday Blind draw sets play winners: Keith Wellham, Tony Darcy, Bill Wilson 17 points; runners-up Doug Kinder, Doug Murray, Keith Gill 14 points; 3rd place Paul Fitzgerald, Pat Sullivan, Ron Myers 13 points. Sunday Mixed blind draw Triples winners: Bev Robinson, Grace Smith 22 points; runners-up Col Smith, Joy Robbins 18 points. Friday nominated pairs will be a blind draw event on the last Friday of each month, commencing June 28.

Coming Events

Wednesday blind draw triples, names in by noon for 1pm start. Friday nominated pairs, names in by noon for 1pm start. Saturday blind draw, names in by noon for 1pm start. Sunday mixed blind draw, names in by 1pm for 1.30pm start.


Six or seven riders took off on an adventure last Wednesday and ended up all over the countryside.

First up they headed down the Old Narrandera Road and took the turn left, which took them across to Collingullie and then The Rock.

From The Rock, the road less travelled saw them on the Mangoplah Road and then a trip down to Cookardinia across Morven and Culcairn for lunch at the bakery.

After a lengthy stop at the bakery, the procession then headed home to Wagga up the Olympic Way through Uranquinty.

A good day out in pretty decent weather.

Meet and Greet at The Kylie Bean Café (Billy's) was reasonably well attended in the warmth of the back room. I have to say the day was not that brilliant but then again it is winter.

I couldn't get much detail on the Sunday ride but Mick and a couple of mates went up to Young and met up with one of the Orange crew and returned back home through Stockinbingal, Combaning, and Junee Reefs.

Once again a nice short ride in brisk winter weather.


The Google Map of all the branches is a useful resource, and can be used to provide information for new members, or for those travelling. It is kept up to date by the National Admin Office, who use the information provided in the Branch Committee Contact Form, which every branch should complete after their AGM, or for any change in the branch committee.

The October 31 is the deadline for articles for the Spring edition of the Riding On - your magazine. We all love reading about your short / long / funny / adventurous rides or social events. Tell us what you or the Branch has been up to.

Share your favourite destinations. Is your Branch celebrating a milestone - how about writing a Branch Capsule - some history, some photos, some events that your Branch ran or participated in; tell us about your Branch heroes and what they have done.

Stories about restorations you've been doing, or log and short trips you've done. We'd love to read about it! The Riding On is your magazine and we welcome your input.

As I said last week, I will keep you posted on the Christmas in July ride on July 7 next week.

Ride safe and steady and watch out for black ice on some of the mountain roads.


By Roman Adamcewicz

There are only two weeks remaining in the Wednesday Junior Doubles Tennis competition at the Bolton Park Tennis Complex.

Presentations will take place on June 26 at 5.30pm after the day's competition.

In the event of rain, the presentations will take place at 4pm. The competition is open to all players that are able to serve. To enter turn up at the courts before the start time of 4pm, finish at 6pm sharp.

Sportsman's Warehouse Giftcards awarded at the end of the competition for those players playing five matches, as well as a Best and Fairest award.

Leading the competition is Alastair Wright on 861/2 points and in second place is Robert Grantham on 791/2 points, with Michael Paolucci- Ellis on 75 points, then Isaac Schiller on 70 1/2 points and Victoria Grantham on 641/2 points making up the top five placings.

Winner of the McDonald's Sports Award this week was Alastair Wright. Enquires about the junior competition or tennis lessons please contact Roman Adamcewicz on 6922 4963 or 0439 584 125.

At Forest Hill there is social tennis every Sunday afternoon from 3pm for all standards, contact Col on 0447 464 234 or Trevor 0407 513 974.

San Isidore Tennis Club has tennis coaching Monday from 4.30pm. Also, there is social tennis every Friday at San Isidore commencing at 6pm. All standards are welcome contact Ruth on 0409 743677.


The extended Seaman family led WaggaRoos to a comfortable victory in event 4 of the Interclub Orienteering Challenge at Connorton last Sunday.

Seven-year-old Ryder Seaman won the Easy course; his father, Trent, won the Moderate course; his mother, Briohny, won the long Hard course; and his grandmother, Deb Davey, won the short Hard course to guide WaggaRoos to a 52:38 victory for the day and consolidate the overall lead in the Interclub Orienteering Challenge.

In the Interclub Orienteering Challenge points are awarded to participants for participating and completing their course and to the placegetters in each course. The points earned by placegetters are weighted in favour of the longer and harder navigation courses.

The first part of the 1400m Easy Course involved a nice downhill section along a well-formed track, then led participants along a small path before a long uphill climb across semi-open farmland along a watercourse. Ryder Seaman coped admirably winning by almost 10 minutes and gain handicap honours for the day.

There was a good tussle for second place with the Hatherly family group just gaining the ascendancy over Kath Oliver by a mere 9 seconds. Six-year-old Jarrah Mestan finished fourth.

Because there were no Albury representatives on this course WaggaRoos amassed a valuable 14 points.

The 2.8km Moderate Course alternated between the farmland and woodland that had numerous discrete rock features. As well as testing navigational ability across the hills, it also involved a couple of steep climbs that tested physical abilities as well.

Trent Seaman did an excellent job for WaggaRoos winning the course finishing almost five minutes ahead of Josh Roy, Albury's first orienteer to finish. ACT's Ann Scown finished in third place. WaggaRoos Dale Clegg and Wes Campbell then held off Albury's John Trevivian to ensure WaggaRoos won the Moderate course 14:7.

The hard courses took participants into some complex rock terrain and across numerous steep hills. Participants had to be careful not to get too far off their line because relocating proved to be difficult and invariably required another steep climb.

One control site, in particular, proved to be the undoing of several orienteers possibly because of its location halfway up a hillside and with many of the nearby attack features appearing to be similar enough to cause confusion. It was those who found this control site quickly who did well.

On the 3.5km Hard Course, WaggaRoos Deb Davey found it quickly and had a very comfortable victory, winning by almost 11 minutes. In the context of the Interclub Challenge points, this course was a much more even affair.

Rick Armstrong finished second to score valuable points for Albury. John Oliver (W) then managed to finish third ahead of Albury's Liz Wood and grab the remaining bonus points and give WaggaRoos a slight advantage.

This was enhanced when Shani Rajasekera (W) finished and the remaining three Albury orienteers failed to finish giving WaggaRoos a 14:11 win on this course.

Albury did have some success on the 4.9km Hard Course. WaggaRoos Briohny Seaman had a strong win but then four Albury participants finished before WaggaRoos Tadeusz Davenport and Lachlan Campbell to give Albury a 20:10 points win on this course.

On the day though, WaggaRoos prevailed with a 52:38 point win and at the halfway point WaggaRoos lead the series 187:174.

Event 5 in the Interclub Orienteering Challenge will be conducted on Sunday, July 7, at 9 mile Hill near Albury.

The next local event will be on Sunday, June 30, at Pomingalarna Park commencing at 10 am. The start will be at the western entrance to Pomingalarna Park about 500m west of Kapooka Rd (San Isadore turnoff).

Results: 1.4 km Easy Course: Ryder Seaman (W) 23.49; Hatherly family (W) 33.23; Kath Oliver (W) 33.32; Jarrah Mestan (W) 46.56. 2.8 km Moderate Course: Trent Seaman (W) 37.07; Josh Roy (A) 42.40; Ann Scown (ACT) 47.33; Dale Clegg (W) 52.36; Wes Campbell (W) 52.41; John Trevivian (A) 56.26; Julie & Sean Sunley (W) 64.27. 3.5 km Hard Course: Debbie Davey (W) 39.30; Rick Armstrong (A) 50.06; John Oliver (W) 56.54; Sue Garr (ACT) 66.45; Liz Wood (A) 77.37; Shani Rajasekera (W) 101.33; Norm McCann (A) DNF; Emma Flower (A) DNF; Ronice Goebel (A) DNF. 4.9 km Hard Course: Briohny Seaman (W) 45.10; Matt Flower (A) 56.07; Helen Robinson (A) 65.15; Tony Perrot (A) 69.23; John Scown (ACT) 73.23; Leigh Privett (A) 75.39; Tadeusz Davenport & Lachlan Campbell (W) 76.00; Raf Freire (A) DNF.