WA gets its first female Liberal leader

Liza Harvey has become the first woman to lead the WA Liberals.
Liza Harvey has become the first woman to lead the WA Liberals.

- Manjimup-born Liza Harvey, 52, is Western Australia's first female Liberal leader

- She is a middle child in a family of six and spent most of her youth travelling around regional Australia, including three years in Port Hedland with their surveyor father

- Worked in hospitality, tourism and small business including running a fishing tackle store with her late husband Hal

- First elected in 2008 when Colin Barnett became premier, winning the newly created seat of Scarborough

- Elevated to the ministry in 2012, taking on police and road safety

- Frankly admits she once smoked marijuana as a teen and once lost her driver's licence. She's also been called out for accidentally driving away from a petrol station without paying, but says she returned and paid when she realised

- Gains tourism and women's interests portfolios in 2013

- Mr Harvey dies in 2014 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer, leaving her to care for three children

- Just over a month later, she loses tourism but gains training and workforce development

- Becomes the first female deputy leader of the Liberal party in 2016, taking on the deputy premier role after Kim Hames resigns

- Admits the Liberals ran a terrible campaign before a thumping election defeat in 2017, and despite being considered Mr Barnett's natural successor, decides not to run for the leadership so she can focus on her children

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