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DEBATE: Abortion rights.
DEBATE: Abortion rights.

DEAR Aunty,

Usually, I am pretty reserved when it comes to being vocal about politics or social issues.

I now find myself in a position where I have spoken out and been hit with some pretty negative reactions.

The issue of the laws being passed in US regarding abortion came up when a group of us were out having a drink.

I am totally opposed to this bill being passed and spoke up in defence of women and criticised the policy-makers.

I was almost howled down by not only men, but women too.

I felt under attack, for something that seems so clear to me.

Have I got it so wrong?


WELL, I will be up front with my readers, and say that I am pro choice.

Having said that, I do not denigrate those that have a pro life stance.

I have no doubt that the madness we see in the US will be overturned given time.

However, people need to understand that it is healthy for people to have differing opinions.

And seriously, nobody knows what may cause another human being to seek an abortion.

We need to have some compassion and depth of care when we consider these issues.

As for your drinking friends, ignore them.

No doubt, the issue will be fish and chip wrappers in a few weeks.


HENCE why your mother probably told you to never discuss politics, sex and religion in public.


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