Waggas Agony Aunt answers your questions, May 21, 2019

Girls' trip.

Girls' trip.

DEAR Aunty,

I am getting married late next year.

I want to go overseas, Europe to be exact, for a month with a group of my girlfriends late this year but my fiance is furious that I want to go without him.

I can't make him understand that after we are married I will spend most of my time with him and therefore my girlfriends of many years will have to take what is to spare and take the second place.

I think this is a nice way to finish off my single days but he sees something more sinister.

He keeps suggesting we will be out drinking and playing the field with foreign guys.

What can I do or say to change his mind?

He is normally so easy going so I am quite surprised by his behavoiur.


I CAN see both sides of the coin here.

On one hand it sounds like a wonderful idea for you to do something special with your friends as you leave the single life and begin married life.

It is true that your friends no matter how close will take a back seat once you are married.

I do however understand that your husband to be may feel left out or indeed unsure about a group of young women off travelling the continent.

I think if you consider this from the other viewpoint you may well have reservations if he came home and said he was off to Europe with his mates for a month.

This is probably your first big opportunity to communicate and compromise as a couple.

A bit of a test by the sounds of it. Make sure you both get it right!


MAYBE he feels neglected and like he is missing out?

You got to look after your man!


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