Waggas Agony Aunt answers your questions

DEAR Aunty,

I notice you have many females writing to you about what amounts to spousal abuse.

You seem to have an opinion that deems all men as evil abusers.

I am here to tell you that it happens to us men too. My wife of 20 years has constantly berated and ridiculed me, both in private and publicly.

I too like many of your readers am at the end of my tether. I always think it will get better but invariably it doesn't.

I want to stay married but I find I am slowly slipping away.


I AM sorry you think that I deem all men as somewhat abusive. Certainly not correct.

In my eyes there is no excuse for any abusive behaviour. I don't get many letters from guys with this problem. That doesn't mean it isn't happening.

I give you the same advice I give my female readers, don't put up with it!

Tell your wife that you have had enough and if things do not change you will have no choice but to leave the marriage.

Suggest counselling or any other thing you believe may assist.

If she refuses you have to be prepared to carry forth with your threat!

Life is too short to be in any abusive relationship. Good luck and please contact me again if you feel I can assist further.


DON'T put up with it. Middle aged white men are under attack!

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