Your club sport reports | April 3, 2019

GIRL POWER: Manessah Humphries and Rhiannon Daisley battle for possession during the women's Wanderers v Tuggeranong United at Rawlings Park at the weekend.
GIRL POWER: Manessah Humphries and Rhiannon Daisley battle for possession during the women's Wanderers v Tuggeranong United at Rawlings Park at the weekend.


THE Wednesday Junior Doubles Tennis Competition continues today at the Bolton Park Tennis Complex. The competition is open to all players that are able to serve. To enter turn up at the courts before the start time of 4pm finish at 6pm sharp. Sportsmans Warehouse Giftcards awarded at the end of the competition for those players playing five matches as well as a Best and  Fairest award. New leader of the competition is Isaac Schiller on 38.5 points closely followed by Robert Grantham on 38 points with Michael Paolucci-Ellis on 37 points then Alastair Wright on 36.5 points and Pat Wright on 32 points making up the top five placings.

Winners of the McDonalds Sports Awards this week were Wyatt Piltz, Robert Grantham and Alastair Wright.

Enquires about the junior competition or tennis lessons please contact Roman Adamcewicz on 6922 4963 or 0439 584 125. At Forest Hill there is social tennis every Monday and Thursday night from 7pm for all standards contact Col 0447 464 234 or Trevor  0407 513 974.

San Isidore Tennis Club has tennis coaching Friday from 4.30pm. There is also social tennis every Friday at San Isidore commencing at  6.30pm. All standards are welcome contact Ruth on 0409 743677.


TUESDAY, March 26: SOCIAL BOWLS - Carole Freeman & Barbara Cotterill def Elaine Larkin & Leone Maher. Joan Stair, Kay Reid & Jan Wilson def Raelene Woodbury, Pat MacDonald & Sandra Lucas. Anne Leonard, Glenda Rose & Mona Thornton def Anne Leonard, Muriel Telford & June Chappelow. Marie Williams, Marion McCrum & Tracie Browne def Alice Bower, Verna Quigley & Michelle Henderson. Anne Purcell, Cheryl Darcy & Jenny Mitchell def Grace Smith, Lorna Woolbank & Fran Mahon.

DAY WINNERS: Joan Stair, Kay Reid & Jan Wilson. Runners-Up: Carole Freeman & Barbara Cotterill

THURSDAY, March 28: SOCIAL BOWLS - Gayle Hull, Jan Wilson & Mona Thornton def Marion McCrum, Carole Freeman & Marie Williams. Elaine Larkin, Fran Mahon & Anne Leonard def Kay Reid. Nola Post & June Chappelow. Muriel Telford & Ann Purcell def Joy Robbins & Bev Robinson. Pat MacDonald& Grace Smith def Barbara Cotterill $ Raelene Woodbury

DAY WINNERS: Gayle Hull, Jan Wilson & Mona Thornton. Runners-Up: Muriel Telford & Ann Purcell


LAST Monday's nine-hole Vets' stroke comp went to Ron Culgan with 35 nett, from Bill O'Rourke and Barry Longmore 37, and Tony Martin and Doug Emery, 38 nett. Vouchers to 39 nett on a count back. Country Club visitors dominated Thursday's Vets comp, with John Glastonbury scoring 33 nett to win the event on a count back from John Ristojevic, Geoff Bromham and Mick Bailey. Vouchers to 36 nett.

The ladies competed in their March Monthly Medal last Tuesday, with congratulations going to medal winners, Jenny Hazell in division one with 72 nett, and Sandra Donohue in division two with 78 nett. Scratch winners on the day were Marion McManus with 90 off the stick in Div 1; Sue Oakman, 99 in Div 2; and Val Brunskill, 109 in Div 3. Doreen Hazell picked up the Div 1 handicap winner's voucher with 74 nett, while Linda Coombes won Div 2 with 77 nett, and Barb O'Donnell did likewise Div 3 with 79 nett.

NTPs to Jan Marks, Janine Fitzgerald and Sally Davidson. Putting Comp to Jenny Hazell 31, Fay Baker 31, and Sandra Donohue 29. Ball Comp to 84 nett count back.

The girls played a stableford event on Friday, and in Div 1, it was Lyn Donohoe's turn to collect when she scored 37 points for a good win from Dee Harley, 35. In Div 2, Di Jenkins had 35 points to win on a count back from Lorraine McGowan. NTP to Dee Harley. Ball comp to 30 points on a count back.

After last Wednesday's members' stableford event, Steve Hall packed his wallet with $5 notes in side bets, having birdied the last two holes of his round for 39 points, and a count back win from the in-form Clarrie Ridley. Peter Conlin took third spot with 38 points.

In B Grade, Peter Friedlieb scored 38 points for a win from Doug Emery, 37 points on a count back from John McLeod. NTP's to Bob McKenzie, Max Horsnell and Steve Hall. It should be noted that while everyone else (apart from Brian Smith, of course) had to hit five irons or more into the wind to even reach the green on the par three 18th, Big Steve crunched an 8 IRON to just 40cm from the hole! Ball comp to 35 points count back.

It's been a while between drinks for Andy White, but he finally claimed a good win, scoring 36 points in difficult conditions for a one-point A Grade victory over early-starter, Cloud Merrigan, in Saturday's Members stableford event.

In B Grade, Shane McPherson also scored 36 points for a win, from Phil Harrison, 33 points count back. Country Club visitor, Mitch Mullins, fired up for 41 points to take out C Grade, from Michael Campbell 34 points. NTPs to Roman Adamcewicz, Matt Tooze and Mick Hazell. Ball comp to 31 points.

The Business Girls decided nine holes was enough on Saturday, with Cheryl McKee collecting the main voucher, from runner-up, Maureen Foley.

Tim Barlow's 18-hole Sunday Stableford comp completed the week, with Barry Miller scoring 41 points for a solid win, from Andy White, 39 points count back from Eddie Wall, then John Flanagan 38 points. Ball comp to 35 points.


WELL now, we had a good team of riders arrive at Billy's last week. There was Graham Mutton, Les Smith, Oscar Beasley, Fred Rohrich, Gary Gurtner, Gerhard Grauer and George Temora (actually that's not his real name that's where he comes from). Apart from the riders there was another two or three who had turned up to catch up on the gossip and coffee. Thomo was one of them, he is in trouble again with his great white tank (Goldwing).

At some juncture recently he gave his beloved velocipede a drink of contaminated unleaded and to date is still trying to flush it all out, he is not having a lot of luck of late and a few in the gang have suggested he go for a trade in!! The seven who took off for a ride headed out to Lockhart then across to Rand and Corowa before landing in Rutherglen for a well earned lunch.

After lunch they headed over to Howlong for a refuel and after refuelling Graham shot off to Albury on some mission while the rest motored over to Culcairn managing to lose Gary at Burrumbuttock on the way through. Now there is only one corner in Burrumbuttock, Gary found it and turned the wrong way and as far as we know he may still be there.

The rest of the crew went back up the Olympic Way arriving back home around three o'clock after a very enjoyable day out murdering 340kms of rubber.

Saturday morning was pretty miserable and that kept most of the Meet and Greet crowd at home in front of the heater, however there were seven brave souls who made the grade but didn't hang around for long. Sunday wasn't much better and even though a ride hadn't been planned I doubt that many, if any, would have ventured out.

The weather is crazy one minute it's 40 degrees and then it drops like a ton of bricks to 18. I see the days will be getting progressively warmer as this week progresses. At our recent branch meeting Trevor Bates has put his hand up for President, Mary Smith for Secretary, Elaine Scott will take up the challenge as Treasurer. Ride and social committees will be advised at the AGM in April

Some members may not be aware of the message behind the poem Ulysses, written by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, whose words inspired the naming of this club.

The poem speaks of the need to go out and have adventures while in your twilight years, to ride your bikes together to places you haven't been before and to live the adventure.

Tho' much is taken, much abides; and tho'

We are not now that strength which in old days

Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are;

One equal temper of heroic hearts,

Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

That sounds like us doesn't it? Striving, seeking and not yielding. Let's do more of that.

There is a ride this coming Sunday off to Beechworth and as usual will leave McDonalds car park in Edward Street at 9am. If you come along at about 8am you will have time to fit in a Big Mac and a McCoffee before you head off on the McRide.

I have looked up the weather chart and things are looking good for Sunday with a minimum of 15 degrees and a maximum of 26, mostly sunny.

And as a reminder rides leave Billy's Café each and every Wednesday at 9am with the destination being decided over a coffee on the day. Meet and Greet is at 10am every Saturday morning at Billy's. If you have taken the liner out of your jacket recently I suggest you pop it back in - we will not be hitting 40 degrees any time soon.


SOCIAL BOWLS: Wednesday, March 27 Blind Draw Triples. Winners: Jim Brown, John Stemp & John Hetherington 27.25, Runner-up: Ollie Henderson, Jack Cousley& Andrew Carey 26.25, Third: Norm King, Peter Reid & Max Simmons 21.25, Fourth: Bob Linnett, Kerry Delaney & Dennis Rawlings 18.

Friday, March 29: Friday Nominated Pairs: Winners: Jim Sloan & Darren Kelly 21.25 c/b, runner-up: Henry Speerin & Doug Kinder 21.25.

Sunday, March 31: Sunday Mixed: Winners: Joy Robbins, Ollie Henderson & Col Smith 20.5. Runner- up: Grace Smith, Tiny Bower & Jenny Mitchell 15.

COMING EVENTS: Monday,  April 8: Settlers Blind Draw Triples Names in by Friday, April 5. 9.15am start. Major Pairs Championship Nominations close Monday, April 15 at 5pm.

EASTER TOURNAMENT: Good Friday, April 19 Mixed Fours, three games 12 ends at 12.30pm. Easter Saturday, April 20, men's and ladies three Bowl Pairs 4 Games 10 ends at 9.30am. Easter Sunday, April 21, mixed pairs 4 Games 12 ends at 9.30am. Nominations Close Friday, April 12. Contact Bowls Coordinator Gary Brookes 0412 030 627 or email

SOCIAL BOWLS: Wednesday: Blind Draw Triples names in by 12pm for 1pm start. Friday Nominated Pairs names in by 12pm for 1pm start. Saturday Blind Draw pairs names in by 12pm for 1pm start. Sunday Mixed Social, 1pm for 1.30pm.