Riverina Leader sport news, March 27, 2019

HARD HIT: Riley Norton-Fraser in action during the Hardy Shield clash between The Riverina Anglican College (TRAC) v Kooringal High School. Picture: Emma Hillier
HARD HIT: Riley Norton-Fraser in action during the Hardy Shield clash between The Riverina Anglican College (TRAC) v Kooringal High School. Picture: Emma Hillier


TUESDAY March 19: SOCIAL BOWLS: Inga Plater, Grace Smith & Mona Thornton def Nola Post, Lorna Woolbank & Sandra Lucas, Elaine Larkin, Irene Crouch & Fran Mahon def Marie Williams, Raelene Woodbury & Kay Reid, Janette Brown, Marion McCrum & Jan Wilson def Pat MacDonald, Glenda Rose & Barbara Cotterill, Joy Robbins, Gayle Hull & June Chappelow def Verna Quigley, Muriel Telford & Verna Burkinshaw. DAY WINNERS: Inga Plater, Grace Smith & Mona Thornton. Runners-Up: Elaine Larkin, Irene Crouch & Fran Mahon.

THURSDAY, March 21: SOCIAL BOWLS: Bev Robinson, Norma Gay & June Chappelow def Anette Englebrecht, Pat MacDonald & Verna Burkinshaw. Elaine Larkin, Kay Reid & Tracie Browne def Marion McCrum, Barbara Cotterill & Tracie Brown. Joy Robbins, Carole Freeman & Mona Thornton def Grace Smith. Marie Williams & Fran Mahon. DAY WINNERS: Bev Robinson, Norma Gay & June Chappelow.


THE Wednesday Junior Doubles Tennis Competition continues today at the Bolton Park Tennis Complex.

The competition is open to all players that are able to serve. To enter turn up at the courts before the start time of 4pm finish at 6pm sharp. Sportsmans Warehouse gGiftcards awarded at the end of the competition for those players playing five matches as well as a Best and Fairest award.

New leader of the competition is Robert Grantham on 32.5 points closely followed by Pat Wright on 32 points then Isaac Schiller on 31 points with Michael Paolucci-Ellis and Alastair Wright tied on 30 points making up the top five placings.

Winners of the McDonalds Sports Awards this week were Kelsey Atkinson and Alastair Wright.

Enquires about the junior competition or tennis lessons please contact Roman Adamcewicz on 6922 4963 or 0439 584 125.

At Forest Hill there is social tennis every Monday and Thursday night from 7pm for all standards contact Col 0447 464 234 or Trevor 0407 513 974.

San Isidore Tennis Club has tennis coaching Friday from 4.30pm. There is also social tennis every Friday at San Isidore commencing at 6.30pm. All standards are welcome contact Ruth on 0409 743677.


WEIGHT of numbers conspired against WaggaRoos in the first event of the Interclub Challenge against Albury last Sunday. Held over eight events points are awarded for participation as well as performance. One point is awarded for starting and another for successfully completing a course. Place getters on each course earn bonus points which are weighted according to the navigational difficulty and distance.

Event 1 was conducted at Magenta Mine just outside Chiltern in northern Victoria. Because it was closer to Albury, WaggaRoos were well outnumbered resulting in Albury gaining many more points for participation. However, WaggaRoos acquitted themselves well and earned many points from bonus points as place getters.

The area was typical spur-gully terrain with an intricate network of small gullies fanning out along broad hillsides. The forest was open and runnable despite the early morning rain tempting participants to aim directly at the target feature.

However care had to be taken not to become confused between the very similar looking gullies. Opportunities to run wider to more distinct features existed so the navigational challenge was to picking the best option.

The 6.2km Hard course comprised a number of legs across the hillsides testing participant's abilities to read the contour detail. Briohny Seaman and John Oliver did very well finishing 1st and 3rd and scoring well for WaggaRoos. However with Tony Perrott (A) splitting the pair and several other Albury orienteers finishing the course Albury managed to win the class 17:14.

It was a similar story on the 5.0km Hard course in which WaggaRoos Jack Janetzki and Deb Davey came 1st and 2nd to score well but Albury by weight of participating numbers were able to also win that course 23:13.

Albury dominated the 3.2km Moderate course. This course challenged participants with a number of quite short legs to very specific features such as small crags and depressions and knolls. It was essential to leave each control in the correct direction to avoid being lured into the wrong gully system. Despite WaggaRoos Wes Campbell, Pauline Moore and Bob Moore finishing 3 rd, 4th and 6th Albury managed to win this course 21:8.

WaggaRoos did have success on the 1.9km Easy Course. Tom Janetzki and Sam Klemke won just ahead of John Janetzki. Kath Oliver was off the pace in 3rd place but it was enough for WaggaRoos to win the course 12:2.

Overall Albury won the day 63:47. Next event in the Interclub Challenge will be held closer to Wagga in the Murraguldrie State Forest and will give WaggaRoos the chance to dominate participation.

Next local event will be conducted on Sunday, April 7 at Rocky Hill commencing at 10am from the southern end of Stellway Close, Kooringal.

  • Results: 6.2km Hard Course : Briohny Seaman (W) 45.28; Tony Perrott (A) 52.53; John Oliver (W) 56.04; Richard Lane (A) 64.41; Fab Andreou (A) 67.38; Wayne Bajenoff (A) 76.30; Leigh Privett (A) 84.53; Peter Mousley (A) 87.51. 5.0km Hard Course : Jack Janetzki (W) 42.19; Deb Davey (W) 45.42; Rick Armstrong (A) 49.04; Emma Flower (A) 60.53; Liz Wood (A) 63.29; Prue Dobbin (A) 73.51; Matt & Indiana Flower (A) 78.09; Bill Krautz (A) 87.44; Jeff & Dylan Cave (A) 88.05; Hugh Cameron (A) 92.08; Ronice Goebel (A) 104.03; John Trevivian (A) 106.01. 3.2km Moderate Course: Norm McCann (A) 31.56; Nic Mousley (A) 35.04; Wes Campbell (W) 43.38; Pauline Moore (W) 44.48; Rose Campbell (A) 49.52; Bob Moore (W) 50.35; Andrew Campbell (A) 55.05; Peter Chaszoziwsky (A) 61.51; Claire Sandford (A) 82.58; Steve, Mark & Emily Henschke (A) 85.53. 1.9km Easy Course: Tom Janetzki & Zac Klemke (W) 17.00; John Janetzki , Sam & Yu (W) 18.54; Kath Oliver (W) 38.58; Cathy, Zoe & Erin McNabb AWV 56.10.


THE Business Girls Comp re-commenced two weeks ago, and it was Linda Coombes who chalked up the first win of the season, scoring 72 nett to get home from Lazetta Gaffney, 75 nett. Last Saturday's stableford event saw Jenny Myers score 35 points to beat Narrandera visitor, Rosemary Orr on a countback.

Last Tuesday saw the ladies hold their Opening Day, which, due to clubhouse renovations, was restricted to a 'closed' Pynehurst Foursomes event.

The Rock Golf Club team of Lyn Blake and Carol McGrath proved too good on the day, claiming the major prize, from the pairing of Sandra Metcalf (WWCC) and Maria McManus, and local girls, Gloria Vonarx and Marg Wise.

The Open NTP on the 9th hole went to Simone Pilotto, while the Division 1 NTP was collected by Fay Winter from Ganmain. Divisions two and three NTP's went to our own Sue Oakman and Barb O'Donnell respectively. Ball comp to teams with 83 3/4 nett or better.

Due to the storms (and very welcome rain) which hit the region last Friday, the Ladies stableford comp was reduced to nine holes.

Well done to Pat Grieve, who led the small field home with 19 pts, from Jan Leonard 18 pts.

In Vets news, last Monday saw Dave Sutton score 30 nett for a win, from Vince Bradley 31, Graeme Coulton 33, and Peter McDonald 35 nett.

Vouchers to 37 nett on a countback. Charlie Down took the honours on Thursday with 33 nett, beating Terry Baker on a countback, followed by Vince Bradley and Tony Brunskill 34 nett.

Vouchers to 37 nett on a countback.

Bob McKenzie reckons he played the best round of his life when he shot  3-over 75 off the stick for 42 stableford pts to win A Grade in last Wednesday's members' stableford comp, two shots clear of Jim Briggs 40, and Kerry Smith 36 pts.

In B Grade, Les Ryan also played well for 40 pts, beating Darryl Dickinson 37, and Gary Chamberlain 36 pts. NTP's went to Frank Veliscek, Jim Briggs and Darryl Dickinson. Ball comp to 34 pts countback. Members returned for another stableford event on Saturday, and Warren Lynch ran hot yet again. The in-form low-marker shot around par off the stick for 40 pts to take out the A Grade event, from Peter Conlin, 37 pts on a c/b from Jeremy Whalan.

In B Grade, Kevin Rafter scored 37 pts for a countback win from John Mooney, with Mark Beggs third with 36 pts on a countback. It was as close as it gets in C Grade, with Isaac Mark scoring 38 pts to win in a three-way c/b from Rowan Laurent and Rod Whitlock. NTP's to Peter McDonald, Mark Beggs and Steve Purcell. Ball Comp to 34 pts.



Round 8 (Home team mentioned first) Grade 5 Junee 65 v RSL 40 J Smith 33 d K Deacon9 T Clark 17 d T Lorde 14 A Shaw 15 lost to B Rayner 17 Points: Junee 9: RSL 1 The Rock 59 v Rules 45 K Edgerton 11 lost to A Carey 23 P Green 27 d N Comerford 9 I Marston 21 d B Robertson 13 Points: The Rock 9: Rules 1 Grade 6 Yerong Creek 44 v Coolamon 77 M Driscoll 15 lost to R Whybro 27 N Manley 17 lost to G Stephenson 28 B Pettitt 12 lost to C Guthrie 22 Points: Yerong Creek 0: Coolamon 10 Ganmain 53 v RSL 77 I Logan 14 lost to J Swaffield 24 G Hatty 23 lost to K Murray 29 J Smith 16 lost to T Johnson 24 Points: Ganmain 0: RSL 10 Rules 77 v Lockhart 40 D Conroy 19 d S Johnstone 14 R Todd 37 d B Love 9 B Belt 21 d J Healy 17 Points: Rules 10: Lockhart 0.


Wednesday am Blind Draw: Winners John Kingston, Des Harmer & Terry Hilton with a score of 9+4 took home the chocolates from Wayne Barlogie, Ian Hilton & Arthur Doswell with 9+2. Wednesday pm Nominated Pairs Dick White & Rob Williams come away as winners here with a score of 2+21 from Ron Cameron & Darren Walker on 2+18. Friday bowls was washed out. Presidents Day held on 17 March saw the Wagga RSL team of Max Sanbrook, Reg Hamilton, Trevor Urquhart & Terry Sellars come away as winners of the day with a score of 2+19 from the Yerong Creek team with a score of 2+15. Coming Events: Wednesday 9.30am Blind Draw. 1pm Nominated Pairs & Major Jackpot. Friday 9.30am Blind Draw. Sunday 9.30am Mixed Blind Draw.