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Bridesmaid blues
Bridesmaid blues

DEAR Agony Aunt,

ONE of my bridesmaids for my upcoming wedding is being an absolute nightmare. I don’t want her as a bridesmaid, but we work together so it is a very difficult situation.

She started off with little put downs, like her telling me how I need to lose weight  Then she began distancing herself from me. She didn’t come to my birthday party, she didn't even wish me a happy birthday. I had a small operation in hospital and she didn’t bother phoning. One of the other bridesmaids told me she has been saying some really vicious things about me.

I feel really hurt and let down by her.

None of the dresses or other wedding stuff has been purchased yet so should I suck it up and still have her as a bridesmaid, or tell her the truth that I don’t want her involved and really don’t consider her my friend at all.


SOME people are just hideous human beings. This woman is obviously jealous of you. That by no means excuses her. I say go for it. Why would you want somebody not only spoiling your wedding planning but also your special day?

I understand that you work with her, which is awkward but I suggest you just get it done. In the workplace we don’t always find ourselves in the company of people we like. That’s life. How much more unpleasant can she be really? You deserve better.

Good luck sorting this woman out and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.


LADIES, ladies, this would never happen with us blokes.

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