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FLYING: Harrison Fanning soars during the nine years boys' hurdles over 60 metres during the  Kooginal-Wagga Athletics Club's 40th annual carnival at Jubilee Park. Picture: Les Smith
FLYING: Harrison Fanning soars during the nine years boys' hurdles over 60 metres during the Kooginal-Wagga Athletics Club's 40th annual carnival at Jubilee Park. Picture: Les Smith

Rules Men’s Bowls

MAJOR and Minor 2018 Pairs Championships first round: Terry Rosewall, Max Simmons def Bernie Benson, Kevin Wales 23/16; Andrew Carey, Darren Kelly def Dennis Rawlings, Phil Howarth 20/12; Gary Brookes, Norm King def Mick Connor, Mick Carey 16/15. Quarter Finals : Mark Pearce, Rod Cramp def Terry Rosewall, Max Simmons 33/12 ; Andrew Carey, Darren Kelly def John Stout, Pat Sullivan 23/17; John Hetherington, Alan Jacobson def Gary Brookes, Norm King 17/14; Peter Dewhirst, Nathan willis def barry Belt, Daniel Crockett 19/7.      

Wednesday Blind Draw Triples winners: John hetherington, Bob Robertson, Peter Wild 24 points; runners up Gary Brookes, Peter Reid, Keith Browne 21 points; 3rd place Mick Foxall, Darren kelly, Norm King 20 points; 4 th place Peter Roberts, Rod Roy, Mile Knezevic 19 points.

Friday Nominated Pairs winners: John Hetherington, "Cowboy" Metcalf 25 points; runners up Keith Wellham, Tony Cantwell 23 points; 3rd place Peter Roberts, Mark Pearce 19 points.

Nomination sheet on the board for the Graded 5, 6, and 7 two bowl Triples Tournament Saturday and Sunday, November 17 and 18 with $2820 prizemoney; six games of 18 ends with a 9am start each morning.


  • Wednesday blind draw Triples: Names in by noon for 1pm start
  • Friday Nominated Pairs: Names in by noon for 1pm start            
  • Saturday Blind draw: Names in by noon for 1pm start
  • Sunday Mixed Blind Draw: Names in by 12.30 pm for 1pm start  


BOY, did we have a doozy of a ride last Wednesday.  

Eight of us left Billy’s at about 9:15 and steered in the direction of Wantabadgery where we took a right turn and went across the low level bridge over the mighty Murrumbidgee. And it was here that things turned pear-shaped.

Between the river crossing and Tumblong the man in charge of roads in Neverland had initiated some roadworks whereby the entire carriageway was dug up, making passage bloody dangerous.  

The surface was rocky, wet, unstable and loose down to a depth of about 250mm. There was no track graded in for motorcycles so we had to do the “Bucking Bull “ dance through the sludge.

How everyone managed to stay in the saddle and not get dumped truly amazed us all.  

That was not the end of it, from that point on to Tumblong there was more patches although not as severe. I wish I had a go-pro camera that day.

I was following Woody and what a comical sight he presented, arms and legs going in all directions. But he made it through.   

Well, after that bit of excitement we continued on to Adelong where we stopped to settle the nerves and other things and then carried on to Talbingo where we had lunch.

We had nearly finished our lunch when Oscar realised he had not received his order, and that was hardly surprising when eight people land on the “Talbingo Takeaway”  in one lump.

They probably only get one customer at a time, however Oscar got his feed and we all headed back to Tumut where we topped the tanks and split into two groups, one group went straight back to Wagga through Adelong and the Hume and Sturt Highways and the others took the road to Gocup and came back through Nangus and Wantabadgery.

The next event on the calendar was the Meet and Greet on Saturday morning where a total of about 15 turned up to air their boundless knowledge to those willing to listen.

Next was the Sunday ride back to Talbingo, so guess what?  I slept in and missed out.

So not be outdone I got the old Beemer out and headed down to Billy’s where I expected to find the Classic crew lining up for an outing – leaving at 10am.  But oh-no they had left at 9am and I was in the wilderness.

I solved the problem, I rang young son Stephen and he hopped on the Beemer, I took the Varadero and we went over to Tarcutta then down to  Holbrook for a pie and drink and were home by 2.30pm. So there were actually three rides on Sunday, Ulysses, Classics and The Cruising Combs’s family outing.

I did note on the day a large number of groups coming into Wagga, there were bikes everywhere  - of course, the overflow from the Snowy ride going home.

Those who did go on the Club ride on Sunday were Crafty, Sue, Les, Ian, Princess Purvis, Steve and Roger and they picked up Brian in Tumut. A good day out in pristine weather and home by about 3.30pm

 The ride to take place on the third Sunday (November 18) will be down to Bright and the next branch meeting is at the Radio Club Rooms, in Small Street on November 20.

Meetings gather at 7pm, and after a bit of considered chit chat, start at 7.30pm and provided no one wants to waffle on meetings are normally over by about 8pm when a raffle is conducted and  more great exposure to knowledge is aired.

The Christmas Party is on November 24 at the Royal Hotel in Tumut, organise your accommodation and we need numbers ASAP to Lorraine on 0428 312 336.

Remember to register for Mornington by this Friday (November 9) if you want to order merchandise for the event. For all the latest info go to the rally website on http://agm2019.ulyssesclub.org/FAQs.aspx. Have fun and we will see you on the highways and byways.


FORTY ladies turned up for last Tuesday’s Presentation Day, which followed a Canadian Foursomes competition.

Winners of the day’s event were Janelle Doust and Doreen Hazell, followed by Pam Kellam and Kerrie Celegon, Lorraine McGowan and Trish Gray, and Val Brunskill and Jenny Myers.

During the presentation, trophies were received by June Byrnes (Medal of Medals); Golf NSW Medal winners, Pam Seymour and Cae Cobby; Singles Knockout winner, Pam Seymour, and Runner-up, Cassie Gill; President’s Trophy winner, Marg Wise, and Captain’s Trophy winner, Vi Gardner; Best scratch score for the season, Dee Harley; Best nett score for the season, Simone Pilotto; 4BBB Knockout winners, Janelle Doust and Cassie Gill, and runners up, Sue Mathews and Kitty Howe, and the Vets Best scratch score winner, Dee Harley. Other trophies were presented for the Best Eclectic Score, Most Birdies and Putting Comps in each of the three Divisions. It was a very enjoyable day, with congratulations being offered to all the winners.

The girls returned for a stableford event on Friday. In Division 1, June Byrnes snuck in with 35 points on a countback from Jan Marks, while it was just as close in Division 2, with Val Brunskill scoring 36 points to win on a countback from Una Pocock.

Warren Lynch had some sort of week, starting with a win in Monday’s Vets, followed by another in A Grade in Wednesday’s stableford event with 38 points, before finishing the week off by taking the early lead in Saturday’s first round of the Club Championships.

John Parker ran second to Warren on Wednesday with 37 points, from Steve Purcell 35 points.

In B Grade, Eddie Wall scored 41 points to get home from Mick de Vries, 39 points on a countback from Gary Chamberlain. Ball Comp to 33 points on a countback.

Nett winners on Saturday were Josh Conlan in A Grade, with 68 nett on a countback from Bob McKenzie.

In B Grade, Bruce Yeatman scored 70 nett for another countback win, from Tim Crowley, also on a countback. And of course, Eddie Wall followed suit in C Grade with 68 nett on a countback from Terry McMillan.

Scratch leaders after the first round of the championships are Warren Lynch 76, from Josh Conlan 77.

In B Grade, Richard Flanagan leads with 85, from Bruce Yeatman 88, while our other in-form golfer, Eddie Wall, is in front in C Grade with 89, from Barry Miller 94.

As mentioned, Warren Lynch won last Monday’s nine-hole Vets comp with 32 nett, from Alan French 33 countback from Clarrie Ridley. Ball comp to 35 nett on a countback.

In Thursday’s comp, Charlie Down scored 31 nett for a win, from Bill O’Rourke 33 countback from Dave Sutton. Balls to 35 nett c/b.

Finally, Tim’s nine-hole Sunday Stableford comp went to Joan Reeves with 22 points, from John Burkinshaw 20 points, countback. Ball comp to 20 points.


TENNIS resumes today in the Wednesday Junior Doubles Tennis Competition at the Bolton Park Tennis Complex at the normal time.

The competition is open to all players that are able to serve. To enter turn up at the courts before the start time of 4pm finish at 6pm sharp. Sportsmans Warehouse Giftcards awarded at the end of the competition for those players playing five matches as well as a Best and Fairest award.

Leading the competition is Alastair Wright on 52 points then Pat Wright on 40 points followed by Lucy Goodyer and Michael Paolucci-Ellis tied on 32½ points with Makenna Irlam on 29½ points making up the top five positions.

This week’s McDonalds Sports Award went to Pat Wright and Wyatt Piltz.

The Saturday Junior Singles competition at the Forest Hill tennis courts resumed last weekend.

The Saturday Singles competition is for players wanting more serious tournament play, with proper tie-breaker sets being played. There is prizemoney for the top twenty players in the competition for all players having played five matches, as well as a best and fairest award at the end of the competition. To take part, just turn up at the start time of 3pm until 5pm.    

Leading the Singles competition is Oliver Plum on 25 points then Caden Maxwell on 21 points followed by Robert Grantham on 20  points with Tory Grantham on 8 points and Alastair Wright on 6 points making up the top five positions.

This week’s winner of the McDonalds Sports Award was Tory Grantham.

Enquires about the junior competitions or tennis lessons please contact Roman Adamcewicz on 6922 4963 or 0439 584 125.

At Forest Hill there is social tennis every Monday and Thursday night from 7pm for all standards contact Col 0447 464 234 or Trevor 0407 513 974.

San Isidore Tennis Club has tennis coaching every Monday from 4.30pm and social tennis every Friday commencing at 6.30pm. All standards are welcome contact Ruth on 0409 743677.