Wagga’s Agony Aunt answers your questions

DEAR Agony Aunt,

Have you ever sat and wondered if this is all there is? I seem to do that a lot lately. Nothing seems to make me overly happy, everything is just ‘meh’. My boyfriend is really cross with me and tells me to get it together but no matter how hard I try I just can’t work out whats wrong or how to fix it. Please helps me as I don’t want to lose my boyfriend over this, we have been together for three years.

AGONY AUNT: YOUR boyfriend sounds to be selfish and uncaring. I do wonder if his attitude is attributing to your feelings of unhappiness. I am not qualified to diagnose what is ailing you but even from my untrained eye, you appear to be struggling with some form of depression. Sometimes there is no real cause, sometimes it just happens.

I suggest you find your nearest mental health provider and talk to a counsellor. You could always try your general doctor first if that makes you more comfortable. Please don’t put this off thinking you will miraculously wake up one morning and be over it. It rarely works that way. 

If your boyfriend cannot be of support and understanding at this early stage in your relationship, there is little chance he would stand by you if the chips were really down. Could be worth thinking about. Hope you get help and get happy soon.

BOYS CLUB: SOUNDS like you need a new boyfriend!

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