Kind words for our struggling farmers

Student Aleah Tyack, 23, grew up on her family farm at Tullibigeal. She has written a poem to the farmers as they navigate one of the worst droughts in living history.

To the farmers

Whether you own thousands of acres or just something small,

You’re young or old I have written this for you all.

As a farmer’s daughter I know what it’s about,

Waiting for that rain to come because you hate the drought.

But, as many would say farming is a gamble

Because Mother Nature is the one that has the handle.

You see farming is no 9 to 5 job

And you can often feel your head starting to throb.

No rest for the wicked, no time away

As work needs to be done because there are bills to pay.

Through the dust, dirt, rain, hail or shine

You get up each morning to complete the daily grind.

Whether it be feeding your stock to keep them alive

Or driving your tractor to the next sunrise.

You face challenges daily to make decisions right

So you can have food on the table for your children each night.

See farming isn’t as easy as it seems

And when the rain doesn’t come you beg on your knees.

Your stock are getting hungry and your crop hasn’t sprung

You sell a few head to make a small income.

The market has dropped and the price isn’t right

But it had to be done so your wife sleeps tonight.

Your hay supply is low and your stock are degrading,

You feed them on the road each day to try and stop them fading.

And sometimes as a farmer you need two incomes

So working another job is mostly for the mums.

But that isn’t always right you see as women work the land too

And many of times they can do it with just a small work crew.

This crew I mention may consist of some dogs

But sometimes it’s the kids whilst dad works his second job.

And many people across Australia know

There has been little to no rain for anything to grow.

Most places you drive the hay sheds are empty

And to buy feed in the price is quite hefty.

A lot of tanks and dams have run dry

And water can also be pricey to buy.

Poddy’s are being fed by farmers’ kids and wives

As they do their best to try save some lives.

Unfortunately a lot of stock has to be put down

And this only causes faces to have a constant frown.

No one sees the farmers cry each night

As they do everything they can to try and beat this fight.

This fight they’re in is this thing called drought

And you can see why many want the easy way out.

But there is a tunnel and at the end is a light

As our previous farmers have shown us with their muscle and might.

So please as a farmer don’t give up your fight

Go home and hug your family tonight.

Times can be tough but don’t let them break you,

Just keep soldiering on and soon they will make you.

Every day that passes we’re closer to rain

So hold on tight as it will come again.

Just remember we all have a mate

That can help us out when we aren’t feeling so great.

To everyone else let’s support our farmers the best we can

Because without them you’d be hungry, naked and sober women and men.

Everyone knows the drought can be unfair,

So c’mon Aussies let’s show these farmers how much we care.

In my opinion farmers are built from the best

And to know so many I feel quite blessed.

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