Wagga’s Agony Aunt answers your questions

Dear Agony,

I've been seeing a married man for a few months. He told me he was "not a cheating jerk" and was soon leaving his wife.

A couple of weeks ago, we were at a cafe when his wife walked in with a friend of hers. The man didn't even flinch. He introduced me as the "new lady" he'd been "seeing." She then reminded him to pick up something for the house and  told him she loved him  then walked off!

I was totally weirded out. He confessed that they were in an "open" relationship and that he wasn't thinking of leaving her.

I feel cheated! In a burst of anger, I wrote to his wife and reported his double cross.

She responded with a letter saying  he'd done this before and she would encourage him to be more honest

I was lied to! I feel small and depressed! Where do I go from here?


WELL, to start with you shouldn’t have become involved with a married man, whether he was telling you he was leaving or not.

The fact is he was still with his wife.

I continue to tell people not to get involved in any way with people that currently have partners.

But many of you seem to think you are going to be the exception to the rule. Move on and be a little more respectful to other peoples relationship.

I have no sympathy for you at all.


WE WOULD suggest you move on with your life, without this married man.

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