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SHOT: Dave Xuereb and Graham Crowe during the 800 Yards ET for Explorers Rifle Club at the weekend. Pictures: Contributed
SHOT: Dave Xuereb and Graham Crowe during the 800 Yards ET for Explorers Rifle Club at the weekend. Pictures: Contributed


WaggaRoos won the eighth and final event to secure the series in the Interclub Orienteering Challenge against Albury last Sunday. The Interclub Orienteering Challenge is conducted over 8 events throughout the bush orienteering season. Points are awarded for participation and bonus points are earned by the place getters on each course.

Event 8 was conducted at Nail Can Hill on the outskirts of Albury. Because of the steep terrain courses were a little shorter than normal. The forest had splashes of colour throughout with the early season wildflower starting to bloom. The numerous bike tracks were a mixed blessing; simultaneously assisting negotiating the hillsides and confusing the navigation. Most courses led participants initially along an open hillside visiting numerous little gullies and then swung straight across a significant ridge line and demanded some serious thinking about route choice.

WaggaRoos managed the challenges extremely well and did well on all courses capturing a bevy of bonus points. WaggaRoos juniors were at the forefront. Jack Janetski and Cameron McDougall finished second and third respectively on the 3.4km Hard course, Joannah McDougall finished second on the 2.4km Moderate Course and Rob McDougall won the 1.6km Easy course.

Senior orienteers also did well with Alex Davey (W) winning the 4.6km Hard Course and Stuart Young winning the Moderate Course.

Some of Albury’s orienteers did very well. Matt Flower and Tony McDiarmid challenged Alex Davey strongly on the 4.6km Hard course but fell just short, and Ricky Armstrong just held off the WaggaRoos juniors on the 3.4km Hard course. However, most of Albury’s usual high performers were under par on the day.

The excellent all-round contributions by WaggaRoos orienteers resulted in WaggaRoos winning the day 46:42 and the series 370:313.

Results: 4.6km Hard Course: Alex Davey (W) 53:12; Matt Flower (A) 54:18; Peter Mousley (A) 56:04; Deb Davey (W) 60:11; Tony McDiarmid (A) 101:02. 3.4km Hard Course: Rick Armstrong (A) 36:29; Jack Janetski (W) 38:43; Cameron McDougall (W) 39:16; Tony Perrott (A) 41:54; Norm McCann (A) 46:15; Liz Wood (A) 48:46; Wes Campbell (W) 61:50; Vera McCluskey & Bill Krautz (A) 65:02; Ronice Goebel (A) 68:08; Cathy McNab (A) 68:11; Hugh Cameron (A) 84:14. 2.4km Medium Course: Stuart Young (W) 31:34; Joannah McDougall & John Oliver (W) 65:56; Lester Sawyer (A) 68:25; Emma Flower (A) 75:34. 1.9km Easy Course: Rob McDougall (W) 18:09; Ian & Deb McDougall (W) 27:40; Kath Oliver (W) 33:36.

WAGGAROOS: Cameron McDougall came third on the 3.4km hard course.

WAGGAROOS: Cameron McDougall came third on the 3.4km hard course.


JUST to set the record straight, there’s no truth in the rumour that the golf cart driven by Peter Barnes had to be hosed out after Mick Laurent stuck a huge, snapping cray fish in Barney’s face, near the dam adjacent to the 15th green  last Wednesday.

Saturday’s Members’ stableford saw the rapidly-improving Luke Tooze score 41 to win A Grade, from another consistent golfer, Jeremy Whalan, 39 pts on a c/b from Matt Tooze. It was as close as it gets in B Grade, with Richard Flanigan scoring 39 to get home on a c/b from Tim Morrison and Robert Nicholl, while Ron Flanigan powered up for 44 to win C Grade by six shots from Graeme Lowes and Owen Guthrie. NTP’s to Matt Bradley, Matt Tooze and Chris Moore. Balls to 34 c/b.

Luke also carded 43 to win Wednesday’s stableford A Grade event, and was well clear of Kyle Harrison and Max Horsnell, each with 37. In B Grade, Kerry Smith also played well for 41 to win on a c/b from Ray Barnett, with John McLeod 3rd with 40. NTP’s to Ray Barnett, Ben Wood and Bruce Yeatman. Ball comp to 34 on a c/b.

Last Monday’s nine-hole vets comp was won by Tony Pollard with 35 nett, from Kerry Smith and Grahame Winson 36, and Dave Sutton, Don Kirwan, Charlie Down and Carole Gardner, each with 37 nett. In Thursday’s comp, Bernie Mogford scored 33 nett to win on a c/b from Grahame Winson, followed by the evergreen Bert Adams and Tony Pollard 34, and Don Thorne and Eddie Wall, 35 nett.

The ladies combined the 2nd round of their President’s Trophy with their fifth GNSW Medal stroke event last Tuesday. In Div1, Jenny Myers scored 72 nett for a win, from June Byrnes 76 nett. Val Brunskill scored 74 nett to win Div 2 on a c/b from Glad Leitch, while in Div 3, Cae Cobby played well for 70 nett to get home from Therese Quinn 73 nett. NTP’s to Simone Pilotto (Div 1), Sue Oakman (Div 2) and Janine Fitzgerald (Div 3).

The girls returned for a stableford event on Friday, with Lyn Donohoe scoring 41 pts to collect the Div 1 voucher, from Trish Gray 40 pts. In Div 2, Glad Leitch put a great round of 42 pts together to get the better of Jan Leonard, 40 pts. NTP to Glad Leitch. It was also the final of the Ladies 4BBB event, with Cassie Gill and Janelle Doust combining well to defeat Sue Mathews and Kitty Howe, 4 and 3.


THE Junior Doubles Tennis Competition continues today at the Bolton Park Tennis Complex. The competition is open to all players that are able to serve. To enter turn up at the courts before the start time of 4pm finish at 6pm sharp. Sportsmans Warehouse Giftcards awarded at the end of the competition for those players playing five matches as well as a Best and Fairest award.

Leading the competition is Pat Wright on 25½ points with Alastair Wright on 17 points then Makenna Irlam on 15 points with Michael Paolucci-Ellis on 10 and Kelsey Atkinson and Brodie Holz tied on nine, making up the top five. The McDonalds Sports Award went to Mohemed Ghazy and Makenna Irlam.

The Saturday Singles competition is for players wanting more serious tournament play, with proper tie-breaker sets being played. There is prizemoney for the top twenty players in the competition for all players having played five matches, as well as a best and fairest award at the end of the competition. To take part, just turn up at the start time of 3.00pm until 5.00pm.

Leading the Singles competition is Caden Maxwell on 5 points then Oliver Plum, Pat Wright and Alastair Wright all tied on 3 ½ points with Robert Grantham on 2½ points making up the top 5 positions. This week’s Singles winners of the McDonalds Sports Award were Caden Maxwell and Tory Grantham.

Enquires to Roman Adamcewicz on 6922 4963 or 0439 584 125. At Forest Hill there is social tennis every Monday and Thursday night from 7pm for all standards contact Col 0447 464 234 or Trevor 0407 513 974. San Isidore Tennis Club has tennis coaching every Monday from 4.30pm and social tennis every Friday at 6.30pm. Contact Ruth on 0409 743677.

PROUD AS PUNCH: Rob Jefferys and his new 7mm at the Explorers Rifle Club.

PROUD AS PUNCH: Rob Jefferys and his new 7mm at the Explorers Rifle Club.

Explorers Rifle Club

AFTER the cold weather for our Prize meeting it was great to be at the range in balmy weather this weekend with a light breeze and mirage clearly indicating wind strength. We had three visitors who came out and had a go. Michael, Kuri and Emmy.  All shot well at the 800 Yard distant target. Rob Jeffery brought out his new toy a 7mm Barnard by Phil  Mastin and was very happy with its performance. Certainly looks the part! Also Dave gave his Match Rifle a run.

Dave Xuereb

Dave Xuereb

Next weekend Ungarie Prize Meeting. Sweepstakes Saturday afternoon and Prize Meeting Sunday. Results from Lockhart: Target Rifle Scott Brindley-TRA-149.16  (Out of 150). F Class   Rob Jefferys-FO-165.7, John Smoothy-FO-158.5, Graham Crowe-FS-149.3. (Out of 180).


Thursday,  August 23: SOCIAL: P. MacDonald, K. McMillan def A. Bower & J. Chappelow. B. Robinson, N. Gay & M. Thornton def S. Davidson, V. Burkinshaw & J. Mitchell. J. Robbins, A. Leonard & K. Reid def G. Hull, M. Telford & F. Mahon. T. Hogan, C. Darcy & T. Iirilli def A. Purcell, S. Lucas & J. Wilson. Day Winners: J. Robbins, A. Leonard & K. Reid.

Rules Men’s Bowls

THE Wednesday competition was sponsored by The Commonwealth Bank. Winners were John Hetherington, John Stemp, Ollie Henderson 27; runners up Bernie Bensen, Eddie Forbes, Scotty Gerhardy 26; 3rd Mick Foxall, Kevin Wales, Wayne Smithers 24. Friday Nominated Pairs winners: Doug Kinder, John Cowper 30; runners up Chris Leonard, Max Simmons 20; 3rd Terry Rosewall, Darren Moore 19. Nomination sheet on Board for the Annual Challenge Pairs Tournament September 15 and 16 with prizemoney of $2950. AGM will be held in the Bowlers Lounge Sunday, September 23 at 10am. Nominations forms for all positions on Notice Board. Nominations close September 24 for the Open Draw Club Triples with first round October 6.

Coming Events: Wednesday blind draw Triples: Names in by noon, 1pm start. Friday Nominated Pairs: Names in by noon for 1pm start. Saturday Blind draw: Names in by noon for 1pm start. Sunday Mixed Blind Draw.: Names in by 12.30pm for 1pm start.