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Rules Men’s Bowls

BATTLE: Ag College 95 defeated Wagga City 12 in Southern Inland Rugby Union on the weekend.

BATTLE: Ag College 95 defeated Wagga City 12 in Southern Inland Rugby Union on the weekend.

Thanks to our our sponsors we are able to increase our Wednesday blind draw prize money and also have two lucky draws.  

This week’s Wednesday competition was sponsored by Harvey Mower and Chainsaw Centre . Winners were Chris Leonard, Alan Jacobson, Keith Gill 21, points; runners-up Bob Wright, Mick Foxall, Ollie Henderson, 19 points; 3rd place Andrew Carey, Doug Murray, Barry Ingram 18  points; 4th place Geoff Rainbird, Bill Wilson, Tiny Bower 17.

Friday nominated pairs winners Gary Brookes, Chris Leonard, 25 points; runners-up Terry Sellars, John Cowper, 22 points; 3rd place David Streher, Andrew Carey, 19 points.

Sunday Mixed mufti blind draw winners: Jenny Mitchell, Sharon Connors, 21 points; runners-up Col Smith, Tiny Bower, Grace Smith, 17 points; 3rd place, Henry Sperrin, Alice Bower, 15 points. Draw for Minor Pairs Championship on Board eight with first round to be played 14th July.


Wednesday blind draw triples, names in by noon for 1pm start.        

Friday nominated pairs, names in by noon for 1pm start.

Saturday blind draw, names in by noon for 1pm start.             

Sunday mixed blind draw, names in by 12.30pm for 1pm start.   

Rules Women’s Bowls

Tuesday, July 3

Club nominated pairs semi-final: B. Robinson & E. Larkin def M. Telford & M. Henderson

Social bowls: I. Crouch & K. McMillan def N. Post & A. Bower T. Hogan & K. Reid def L. Woolbank & J. Edwards def M. McCrum & J. Mitchell

Day winners: B. Robinson & E. Larkin

Thursday, July 5

Club nominated pairs final: C. Darcy & F. Mahon def B. Robinson & E. Larkin

Social bowls: J. Robbins, H. Tyrrell & L. Maher def S. Davison A. Leonard & T. Iirilli A. Purcel & M. Hounsell def M. Williams & T. Hogan J. Edwards, L. Woolbank & J. Mitchell def J. Edwards, G. Smith & K. McMillan M. McCrum & M. Thornton def A. Bower & J. Chappelow

Day winners: J. Edwards, L. Woolbank & J. Mitchell


By Roman Adamcewicz

A new Wednesday Junior Doubles Tennis Competition at the Bolton Park Tennis Complex will commence 25th July.

The competition is open to all players that are able to serve.

To enter turn up at the courts before the start time of 4pm finish at 6pm sharp.

Sportsman’s Warehouse Giftcards awarded at the end of the competition for those players playing five matches as well as a Best and Fairest award.

Winner of the last competition was Pat Wright on 56 points just ahead of brother Alastair Wright on 53 ½ points close behind was Makenna Irlam on 50½ points then Michael Ellis on 42½ points.

Riley Wilson on 31 points made up the top five positions.

Best and Fairest Award went to Kelsey Atkinson.

The next Saturday Junior Tennis competition at Forest Hill will commence on 28th July.

The Masters competition is for players wanting more serious tournament play, with proper tie-breaker sets being played.

There is prize money for the top twenty players in the competition for all players having played five matches, as well as a best and fairest award at the end of the competition.

To take part, just turn up at the start time of 3pm until 5pm.

Winner of the last Masters competition was Oliver Plum on 54 points, second was Caden Maxwell on 29 points then Robert Grantham on 17½ points, with Lachlan McDonald on 14 points and Pat Wright on 12½ points making up the top 5 positions.

The junior tennis competition is open to all juniors wanting to play tennis in a friendly relaxed format, and is their first steps to playing competition.

All players should be able to serve to take part.

There will be trophies to all players having played at least five matches.

As well there is a special best and fairest award presented at the end of the competition.

This competition starts at 3pm and finishes at 5pm.

Winning the junior tournament was Alastair Wright on 30 points, second is Tory Grantham on 23½ points, then Yassin El Sanabary on 9½ points.

Best and Fairest Awards went to Masters Oliver Plum and Junior Competition tied winners were Alastair Wright and Tory Grantham.

Enquiries about the junior competitions or tennis lessons please contact Roman Adamcewicz on 6922 4963 or 0439 584 125.

At Forest Hill there is social tennis every Monday and Thursday night from 7pm for all standards contact Col 0447 464 234 or Trevor 0407 513 974.

San Isidore Tennis Club has tennis coaching every Monday from 4.30pm and social tennis every Friday commencing at 6.30pm.

All standards are welcome contact Ruth on 0409 743677.


Last Saturday’s forecast was cold with winds up to 50km/hr so not the warmest of places to be out in the middle of a rifle range! 

Just the same a good turn-up in the morning for our working bee. 

Thanks to Donna, Rob and Paul who came out but could not stay for the shooting. 

Wisely, John, Smoothy and a couple of others stayed home and out of the cold. 

At the working Bee, Dave, Paul, John and Neville, got all our targets prepared for our upcoming prize meeting. 

Whilst back at the clubhouse, Graham and Donna started cleaning up the clubhouse and relining the walls assisted by Rob and Ben. 

We also got some electrical rewiring done, with more planned to interconnect our generator and solar system. Also some improved lighting.

Both the clubhouse fire and our outdoor fire tank were running hard to keep everyone warm.

After a quick lunch, shooting started at 2pm. 

We abandoned the long range 1000Y as a waste of time in the wind and moved in closer to 500Y. 

This was appreciated by Ben and Scott who were sighting in. 

Scott was very happy with his new barrel and action set up by Darren Bradley from Griffith. 

Despite the wind strength the direction was reasonably consistent coming from the right but mostly down range. 

Just occasionally coming on to 12 O’Clock to catch out the unwary. 

All scores were pretty good considering. 

Graham and Scott stayed out a bit too long at the end practicing a coached shoot and managed to get caught in the only shower of rain for the afternoon. 

John Dixon was the winner on Handicap.

Back to a very warm and welcoming clubhouse after shooting for cups of soup and coffee to warm up!

Next week is a practice shoot. 

If you are interested in attending please call Ben Goodwin to confirm.


Target Rifle Scott Brindley-TRA-147.14, Dave Xuereb-TRA-143.16. (Out of 150)

F Class    Ben Goodwin-FO-167.5, Neville Lyons-FO-165.7, Graham Crowe-FS-163.4, John Dixon-FO-162.3. (Out of 180).


Oscar, Doug, Crafty and Fred were the only takers last week and they headed for Cootamundra with the original intention of going up to Young. 

However once they got to Coota they decided to cross over to Gundagai and have lunch at the Services Club. 

At this point Crafty decided to head home to feast on the ham sandwiches he had made a week or so ago and he followed the river road back to Wagga. 

The remaining three had their lunch at the club and took off down the Hume Highway to Kyeamba, swung to the right and wended their way home through Book Book and Gregadoo. 

They got home about 2.20pm, I know I saw them at the Mater Dei School as I was going to visit some friends at The Grange. 

You should have seen them, like three horses with blinkers on. 

I am surprised they even noticed the corner on to Plumpton Road. However, they did have a good journey for the day and the weather was most kind.

Saturday Meet and Greet was well attended on a freezing cold morning but Annette had the heater wound up in the back room at Billy’s so all was well. 

Ten in all turned up and the morning was very cosy with all the usual chit-chat on offer.

There was no scheduled ride for last Sunday and even if there had been the weather was not in favour of a pleasant day out on two wheels, although it was a dry day with a cool breeze blowing in from Antarctica. 

Our next scheduled ride is this coming Sunday (15th) and the intention is to travel to Narrandera, Ardlethan and then Temora where the ride will prop for lunch. 

After lunch a leisurely trip back home.

Other up and coming events are dinner at Giuseppe’s in Kincaid Street on Saturday the 28th July at 7pm. Please let Lorraine know if you intend to go, her phone number is 0428 312 336.  

And on August 5, we have the annual pilgrimage to the Morundah Hotel where we will lunch with the Albury-Wodonga and Griffith Branches – always a good day out and we need to know numbers at our next Branch meeting.

Also at this point I don’t have a costing for lunch, well it is more than lunch, it is normally around the $35 mark and I will get back to you once I have the heads-up.

The next Branch meeting is on Tuesday 17th at the Radio Club Rooms in Small Street. Doors open at 7pm and the meeting gets underway at 7.30pm. 

Provided no clown brings up some superfluous general business we can normally get into the supper and other things by about 8.10pm, so come along and enjoy some fellowship and who knows you may learn something new from our resident experts.

Other events looming are the Tri Branch weekend at Yackandandah, which is the weekend of 31st August to 2nd September. 

The man who is organising the event is Bill Allott (Albury-Wodonga) and if there is anything you wish to know you can give Bill a call on 0417 652 974. To book accommodation at the Yackandandah Holiday Park give them a call on 02 6027 1380, Cabin accommodation is a little scarce so it is a case of first in best dressed.  

The next event is the Wagga Christmas Party at the Royal Hotel in Tumut on Saturday 24th November and we will give times updates on that one as the date gets nearer.

Accommodation is available at the Royal and, once again, we will give you more details on that angle as we get a bit closer to the day. And finally the annual Wagga Toy Run will take place on Saturday 1st December, leaving the Jubilee Oval Car Park at 9am. More on that later. 

If you remember, last year we had to cancel due to millions of buckets of water causing havoc. So there we have it for another week. If you have any questions give me a call on 0408 420 766.

Wagga RSL Bowling Club

Round 1: Bill Graham 154 d Ian Lewis 144. John Swaffield 156 d Ken Hamilton 116. Jim Smith 153 d JT Lane 135. George Jackson 154 d Matt McComber 59. Ian Hilton 152 d Andrew Smith 139.

Round 2: David Meech 153 d Bill Creasy 135. Max Sanbrook 150 d Jim Smith 118.Ian Hilton 152 d Lachlan Smith 125. Nick Williams 152 d John Swaffield 146.Tony Christie 153 d Bill Graham 151. Darren Walker 150 d Brian Lawrence 112. Heath Walker 156 d George Jackson 143.

Round 3: David Meech 154 d Tony Christie 88. Heath Walker 150 d Max Sanbrook 138. Nick Williams 154 d Ian Hilton 88.