Wagga’s own Steve Watts and Phoebe Pinnock to perform at Mayoress’ Charity Concert

ICONIC DUO: Wagga's Steve Watts and Phoebe Pinnock have been together for more than 18 years. Picture: Emma Hilllier
ICONIC DUO: Wagga's Steve Watts and Phoebe Pinnock have been together for more than 18 years. Picture: Emma Hilllier

One of Wagga’s iconic music couples is set to return to the stage with a performance like no other. 

Wagga’s own Steve Watts and Phoebe Pinnock, from Heaven the Axe, started writing music together, fell in love and documented their journey in original songs. 

“In terms of our marriage and having been together for 18 years now, we are able to be very honest with each other,” Ms Pinnock said. 

“Some people find that honesty confronting, but we can have it out over how a song is written, then we can be cuddling five minutes later.

“We are hoping to be able to record some acoustic music soon, which is where we began, but people haven’t heard them.” 

The duo will be two of many performers at the Mayoress’ Charity Concert which is returning to entertain the Wagga community after more than a decade’s absence.

“The quality of the entertainers will be high and they are lot of people we have performed with throughout the years, so they’re fantastic friends,” she said.

“Being a charity concert it will be great to support PCYC and young people in the community, which is important to us as we have young teenagers ourselves.” 

Ms Pinnock said they are not as well-known for their acoustic music, but that is where their path is headed.

“The song that we will be performing is Unconditional Love which I write for my mother,” she said.

“We did it for Heaven the Axe, but we had to rock it up a bit for that. 

“The acoustic version is one that people love and respond to and it’s all about family, which is why we moved back to Wagga.” 

The lyrics behind the couple’s songs are very personal Ms Pinnock said. 

“If you’re not singing from the heart, there’s no goosebumps,” she said. 

Ms Pinnock said she would encourage the community to back the show as it will be “chock-full of local talent”. 

A spoof of the UK’s annual live show, The Royal Variety Performance, The Rural Command Performance variety concert will showcase the best Wagga performers from the past and present.  

The performance will showcase more than 30 performers who will be supported by renowned band, The Groove Factorie and feature the choreography of Katherine Fisher.

All proceeds from two performances of the Mayoress’ Charity Concert will go towards supporting youth development programs run through the Wagga PCYC.

The Mayoress’ Charity Concert, The Rural Command Performance, is on Saturday, July 28 at 2pm and 7.30pm.

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