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My wife is going through menopause. Any advice?

My wife is going through menopause. Any advice?

Dear Agony Aunt,

My wife is going through menopause and is pretty difficult to contend with. I've done research and she seems to be way worse than most women report.

She refuses to see her doctor or naturopath or anybody for advice or something to make the journey easier. I'm a good and patient man but I feel like running away from home. Any advice please?

Agony Aunt

This is quite often a very difficult time for couples. Your wife needs to talk to somebody and see what her options are. Nobody should suffer unnecessarily.

Try to make her see reason or enlist one of her lady friends to assist you. Be gentle, this can be quite a confusing and emotional time. Ensure she knows that you love her and that you are beside her all the way.

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This appears to be normal practice for some women. Get ready for years of hell!