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FINISH: WaggaRoos Hannah Billett finishing at the MTBO course at Pomingalarna.

FINISH: WaggaRoos Hannah Billett finishing at the MTBO course at Pomingalarna.

​Rules Men’s Bowls

Congratulations to Zac Gabrielsen on winning the Wagga District Champion of Club Singles Champions in a very high standard final against Ricky Whybro, of Coolamon, 31 shots to 17.

In the semi-finals, Zac defeated Matt McComber, of the RSL, 31/16, and Ricky defeated Leo Driscoll, of Yerong Creek, 31/16.

Wednesday blind draw winners: Jeff Post, Johnno Johnston, Keith Browne, 26 points; runners-up Ron Francis, Jack Cousley, Keith Gill 24 points; 3rd place Dennis Rawlings, Terry Rosewall, Jim Brown 22 points. Friday

Nominated Pairs winners Gary Brookes, Chris Leonard 25 points; runners-up Terry Sellars, John Cowper 22 points; 3rd place David Streher, Andrew Carey, 19 points.

Sunday Mixed mufti blind draw winners: Jenny Mitchell, Sharon Connors 21 points; runners-up Col Smith, Tiny Bower, Grace Smith 17 points; 3rd place Henry Sperrin, Alice Bower 15 points.

Nominations for Minor Pairs Championship close 2nd July with first round to be played 14th July. Nomination sheet on board for the Settlers Group monthly 2 bowl blind draw Triples Tournament on Monday 9th July 9.15am start with $600 prize money.

Three games of 14 ends; $10 lunch available after 2nd game; names to be in by 3pm Saturday 7th July.

Coming Events Wednesday blind draw Triples Names in by noon for 1pm start Friday Nominated Pairs. Names in by noon for 1pm start Saturday Blind draw Names in by noon for 1pm start Sunday Mixed Blind Draw names in by 12.30 pm for 1pm start.


Alex Davey, Stuart Young and Phil Roy led the way as WaggaRoos extended their lead in the Interclub Orienteering Challenge against Albury last Sunday.

Event five in the challenge was conducted at Pomingalarna Reserve in beautiful sunny conditions the event included a mountain bike orienteering course as well as the usual foot-orienteering courses.

The 10km MTBO course proved popular with a number of local mountain bike enthusiasts participating.

The serpentine nature of the extensive trail network in the area meant participants had to choose their route carefully to avoid excessive distance as well as the hills. Shortcuts across some of the more open areas between tracks were also a possibility.

Finn Buckley chose his route well and won the MTBO event in a fast 34.56 by a mere seven seconds from Brad and Seb Addison.

Brad Clayden and Peter Guy finished third well just over nine minutes further back. First woman home was Petra Buckley who finished fourth.

Phil Roy finished fifth overall but was first in the WaggaRoos-Albury Interclub Challenge and earned valuable points for the WaggaRoos.

His effort was even more meritorious considering he had completed the 4.6km Hard Foot-O course first. Andrew Campbell was the first Albury competitor to finish just in front of Julie Sunley (W). When Sean Sunley (W) and Zoe and Anthony Metcalfe W) finished ahead of Wayne Bajenoff (A) WaggaRoos secured a 16:8 points lead.

The 6.0km hard navigation Foot-O course included a long leg that literally took participants from one side of the reserve to the other and then worked them back with a series of short legs across the hillsides.

The open forest allowed fast running which made navigation at speed the essence of the race.

Tasmanian visitor Dion McKenzie, who was runner-up in the 2017 Orienteering Tasmania Orienteer of the Year, showed the locals how to do navigate at speed by whipping around the course in a quick 38.59 and winning by more than seven minutes. Alex Davey was second and the first WaggaRoo to finish.

John Oliver (W) came third and in the absence of any Albury participants on this course WaggaRoos extended their lead to 33:8.

Albury retrieved some ground on the 4.6km hard navigation course with Wayne Bajenoff, Ronice Goebel and Andrew Campbell all doing well and giving Albury a 14:8 points advantage on this course.

However, strong performances from WaggaRoos Stuart Young and Deb Davey on the 4.0 km moderate navigation course and Kath Oliver on the 2.7km easy course gave WaggaRoos a solid 56:24 points win on the day and after five events have extended their lead to 258:173.

Event six in the Interclub Orienteering Challenge will be conducted on 22 July at Tabletop near Gerogery.

Next local event will commence at 10am on Sunday, July 15 on Willans Hill starting from the picnic area outside the Museum of the Riverina in Lord Baden Powell Dr.


6.0km Hard Course: Dion McKenzie (Tas) 38.59; Alex Davey (W) 45.29; John Oliver (W) 50.10. 4.6km Hard Course. Wayne Bajenoff (A) 44.50; Izzy Hutchinson, Chontelle & John Dailey (W) 50.39; Andrew Campbell 53.50; Ronice Goebel (A) 59.58; Phil Roy & Loren Edmansen (W) 61.02. 4.0km Moderate Course. Stuart Young (W) 31.07; Deb Davey (W) 33.45; Geoff Breese (W) 38.40; Iona & Brendan Judd and Paris Spencer 73.44; Rose Campbell (A) 90.42. 2.7km Easy Course. Leandra Bennett (Tas) 28.06; Kath Oliver (W) 59.54. 10km MTBO Course. Finn Buckley 34.56; Brad & Seb Addison 35.03; Brad Clayden & Peter Guy 44.35; Petra & David Buckley 49.57; Phil Roy (W) 50.55; Rob Housden, Greg Hodges & Andrew Bruce 51.45; Andrew Campbell (A) 55.07; Julie Sunley (W) 55.30; Sean Sunley (W) 55.36; Zoe & Anthony Metcalfe (W) 61.57; Wayne Bajenoff (A) 63.57; David & Addison Bunns 79.16; Fiona Bruce & Sandra Hodges 84.53; Tess Buckley & Hannah Billett 90.43; Katie & Steve Burt 95.13.


Well here we are and half the year has disappeared into cyberspace, with only two more months of this freezing weather we will be able to welcome Spring.

The midweek riders assembled at Billy’s last Wednesday, as usual, and after the usual discussion on a destination it turned out to be west along the Sturt Highway to Narrandera, departing at 9.40am.  

Only four ventured out with the bulk of the regulars staying home to work out their tax.   

The riders went from Narrandera to Barellan and then back to Murrami ending up on the Leeton/Griffith road to Whitton. 

After a short stop at Whitton they all headed back to Leeton where they had a very nice lunch at the Leeton Hotel.

From Leeton, the ride home was straight back to Narrandera and Wagga. 

Oscar led the way and one member complained that he was lost, but such was not the case, Oscar was in home territory giving them a small tour of the MIA. 

Saturday meet and greet was a small cosy affair inside Billy’s with 10 hardy souls out in the fresh Saturday weather. 

A pleasant morning and then back home to the fire.

The Sunday ride was a bit of a mixed bag with the troops going Wantabadgery way, then Nangus and back to Bethungra where they had morning tea at the Old Schoolhouse. 

From there, they all came back to Junee where they stopped for lunch except Ian and Mick who continued on back to Wagga to meet up with a group from Albury who were lunching at the Farmers Home Hotel. 

So it turned out to be a good day although it was a bit foggy to start with. 

The Albury folk fielded a pack of 10 and after they had consumed their lunch Mick led them out of Wagga to show them an alternate ride back to the Border.

We will be meeting up with the Albury-Wodonga people again in August for our annual pilgrimage to The  Morundah Pub where we will also meet a team from Griffith.  

The date for that little get-together is Sunday. August 5.   And we will all be getting together again for the Tri Branch weekend at Yackandandah on Friday, August 31 through to Sunday, September 2.

In the meantime, we here in Wagga will be having another Sunday ride on the July 15 and where we will be going I have no Idea, I lost the bit of paper. Tell you next week.

Our July branch meeting is on the third Tuesday, which is the 17th and will start at 7pm in the Radio Club Rooms in Small Street. Come along and enjoy some fellowship and swap stories.

Planning is well underway for the 2018 Toy Run (Saturday, December 1) and we will keep you posted. In the meantime enjoy your riding and stay safe.


Well, it started as a beautiful morning but by the time we got to the range at Lockhart on Saturday the weather had changed and the wind was quite cool. John Smoothy, our mature age gentleman shooter, took the smart option and watched proceedings from the warm cabin of the ute. The wind was not on the shooters’ side either with some big drop-offs and gusts. This kept scores relatively low although Ben Goodwin did a good job of hitting the middle. Closely followed by Neville Lyon and John Goodwin. 

John Dixon got a fire going at the mound which gave us somewhere warm to go. And after shooting it was back to the clubhouse and its fire with hot soup!

Results as follows:

Target Rifle Scott Brindley-TRA-139.8, Dave Xuereb-TRA-132.6. (Out of 150)

F Class Ben Goodwin-FO-172.4, John Goodwin-FO-169.8, Neville Lyons-FO-169.4, Graham Crowe-FS-160.1, John Dixon-FO-138.5. (Out of 180)

Next week will be 1000Y.

Working Bee for Prize meeting – 9:30am Next Saturday

Next Saturday, we will have a working bee to start preparing for our prize meeting on the 18th and 19th August.  So please come along to lend a hand.  jobs include:

  • Preparing and targets
  • Checking Markers kit and target centres
  • Clean Scoreboards
  • Transfer water to water tank.
  • Finish lining clubhouse wall and put pictures back.

We will be also looking for donations of prizes to help promote our event. 

Closer to the date we will be looking for assistance with the canteen including cakes and slices etc.