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DEDICATED: Scott Brindley shooting in the rain and mud over the weekend for Explorers Rifle Club. Picture: Contributed

DEDICATED: Scott Brindley shooting in the rain and mud over the weekend for Explorers Rifle Club. Picture: Contributed

Explorers Rifle Club

Well, it was wet at the range at Lockhart on Saturday. 

Great to see some moisture but it certainly made conditions on the mound uncomfortable and everyone managed to get wet.  We were all walking a bit taller by the end of the day with clay stuck to our boots! 

This week’s shoot was at the hard 700Y range and the wind that came with the rain made it hard to hit the middle. Though John Goodwin and Kevin Paton had a good go, both cleaning up their more experienced rivals in F class.

Top score after handicap was Kevin Paton.

Next weekend will be 800 Yards. National Queens is on at Belmont in Brisbane and Laura is competing in the NSW ladies state team.

Results as follows:

Target Rifle Scott Brindley-TRA-139.9. (Out of 150).

F Class John Goodwin-FO-163.7, Kevin Paton-FS-158.5, Ben Goodwin-FS-155.3, Graham Crowe-FS-150.6. (Out of 180).


THURSDAY, JUNE 14: CLUB MAJOR SINGLES FINAL: L. Eggleton 25 def Jenny Mitchell 10.

NOMINATED PAIRS ROUND 1: K. McMillan & T. Irilli def H. Tyrrell & A. Bower; I. Plater & J. Brown def L. Woolbank & E. McCrum; L. Carroll & M. Thornton def V. Burkinshaw & J. Chappelow; C. Darcy & F. Mahon def G. Hull & K. Reid.

SOCIAL BOWLS:  P. MacDonald, S. Davidson, B. Robinson & C. Freeman def N. Post, T. Hogan, G. Smith & E. Larkin.

DAY WINNERS: L. Carroll & M. Thornton.


Albury won event four of the Interclub Orienteering Challenge against Wagga Roos last Sunday, 62 points to 34, but WaggaRoos still maintain a healthy 202:149 lead at the halfway point of the eight-event competition.

The event was conducted at Piney Ridge on the eastern edge of Walbundrie.

The area comprises three lightly timbered hills, two of which are littered with boulder features and the third having an intricate contour profile from former quarrying activities.

Most control features were only 100-150m apart placing the emphasis on accurate navigation rather than route choice.

Courses looped around the three hills challenging participants to find small boulder features in among larger granite outcrops.

The large number controls to be found on each course created many opportunities to lose time through small errors.

As a consequence, all four courses on offer were won by comfortable margins by those who made very few errors.

ACT’s Ian Prosser had a brilliant error-free run on the 4.6km hard navigation course, showing his competitors a very clean pair of heels and winning by almost 15 minutes.

WaggaRoos Deb Davey won the 3.8km hard navigation course by a respectable six minutes and Albury’s Nick Freire and Kate Freire won the 3km moderate course and 1.8km easy course respectively by a comfortable 10 minutes each.

In the interclub event between the Albury and WaggaRoos Orienteering Clubs points are awarded for participation, for successful completion of a course, and for gaining a place.

Alex Davey gave WaggaRoos a good start finishing second behind Ian Prosser and being the first club member to finish on the 4.6km Hard navigation course.

However, Albury’s Rob Simmons and Tony Perrot managed to finish just ahead of John Oliver (W) to give the home team a 27:12 point advantage.

In the 3.8 hard navigation course Deb Davey (W) maintained her excellent form to lead everyone home and score some valuable points for WaggaRoos.

Albury again scored well when Rick Armstrong, Liz Wood and John Ferguson all manage to finish before WaggaRoos Dale Clegg and Sean Sunley.

This increased Albury’s lead to 44:24.

Albury increased its lead further when Nick Crick and Cathy McNabb finished ahead of WaggaRoos Pauline and Bob Moore on the 2.8km Moderate navigation course and Kate Freire (A) beat Kath Oliver (W) on the Easy course. Overall Albury won the day comfortably 62:34.

Event 5 will be held on Sunday, July 1 at Pomingalarna Reserve starting at 10am from the end of Bagley Dr near City Golf Club.

In addition to the usual four foot orienteering courses, a 10km Mountain Bike Orienteering course will be conducted.

Mountain bike orienteering is similar to foot orienteering in that participants must locate particular features using their map and compass.

The principle difference is that the mountain bike must only use the tracks and trails and cannot go across country like foot orienteers.

Results: 4.6km Hard Course: Ian Prosser (ACT) 34:30; Alex Davey (W) 48:32; Tony Perrott (A) 53:03; Rob Simmons (A) 53:06; John Oliver (W) 54:37; Helen Robinson (A) 58:13; Raf Freire (A) 58:22; Leigh Privett (A) 59:50; Tony McDiarmid (A) 74:17; Peter Mousley (A) 77:33; Phil Roy & Loren Edmansen (W) 103:16; Ronice Goebel (A) 105:51; Alex Freire (A) 107:23. 3.8km Hard Course: Debbie Davey (W) 37:25; Rick Armstrong (A) 43:31; Liz Wood (A) 47:52; Andrew Campbell (A) 58:47; John Ferguson (A) 64:41; Dale Clegg (W) 66:04; Bill Krautz (A) 76:09; Dave Lotty (Uringa) 78:39; Sean Sunley (W) 81:11. 2.8km Moderate Course: Nick Crick (A) 23:01; Cathy McNabb (A) 33:54; Pauline Moore (W) 38:44; Bob Moore (W) 46:32; Rose Campbell (A) 51:54. 1.8km Easy Course: Kate Freire (A) 33:24; Kath Oliver (W) 43:19.

Rules Men’s Bowls

Wednesday blind draw winners: Chris Leonard, Alan Jacobson, Peter Wild 23 points; runners - up Geoff Rainbird, Jim Sloane 22 points; 3rd place, Andrew Carey, Mick Foxall, Jim Brown 21 points.

Friday Nominated Pairs winners: Chris Leonard, Rod Cramp 18 points; runners-up Mark Pearce, Jeff Post 17 points; 3rd place Dennis Rawlings, Matt Wilson 16 points.

Sunday Mixed mufti blind draw winners: Bob Connors, Elaine Larkin, Tiny Bower 23 points; runners-up Michelle Henderson, Joy Robbins 17 points; 3rd place (on countback) Muriel Telford, Ollie Henderson 15 points.                   

Nominations for Minor Pairs Championship close 2nd July, with first round to be played on the14th July.

Nomination sheet on Board for the Annual Knights Meats Versatility 5s Tournament Sunday, June 24 with prize money of $1750.

Format is Fours, Triples and Pairs 21 ends and Singles to 31 shots up, with the first 14 teams entered going into the draw.

Nomination sheet on board for the Settlers Group monthly two bowl blind draw Triples Tournament on Monday 9th July, 9.15am start, with $600 prize money.

Three games of 14 ends; $10 lunch available after 2nd game; names to be in by 3pm Saturday, July 7. 

Coming Events

  • Wednesday blind draw triples: Names in by noon for 1pm start.        
  • Friday Nominated Pairs: Names in by noon for 1pm start.            
  • Saturday Blind draw: Names in by noon for 1pm start.              
  • Sunday Mixed Blind Draw: Names in by 12.30pm for 1pm start.   


Last week a few ventured out from Billy’s but I am not sure where they went as I have been a little tied up and out of it.

However, it was quite a nice day which is more than I can say for the rest of the week.

Saturday saw seven turn up for morning coffee and I am surprised that many turned up.

The day was lousy. And so was Sunday. 

It was cold, it was wet, like raining and it was just plain miserable. And guess what? We had one person turn up to go riding, but after a discussion with two others who turned up to see who was silly enough to venture out, she changed her mind. Smart girl. 

So you can see it has been pretty quiet on the home front. I’ll tell you what happened at last night’s meeting next week.

I received a newsletter from head office last week and have included the important part of it here which concerns next year’s rally toward the end of February. 

It is not that far off  (February 25 to March 3, 2019) so if you need to start saving now is the time.

The national rally committee has been working hard to ensure that the first-class facilities are utilised for the full benefit of members.

The Mornington Racecourse is a compact venue with top quality facilities throughout.

The national rally dates were chosen to coincide with the Superbikes at Phillip Island (the week before) and the Avalon International Air show (the last weekend of the national rally).

These events provide an excellent opportunity for Ulyssians to enjoy an extended holiday in an excellent tourism mecca.

We are planning many activities including scenic road rides (long and short duration) and off-road rides for the more adventurous.

The national rally team is working hard on the final touches to ensure that all members will be catered for throughout the entire rally.

The stage is set for a warm, memorable and fun experience.

Keep tuned for future newsletters that will provide more details on what you can expect at Mornington.

We are expecting our website to be online very soon with registration information and commemorative merchandise information submitted for the next edition of Riding On magazine.

I encourage you to get in early, as we are expecting a fun crowd and the site will fill quickly. Come on a motorbike – no problem. Come in a car – no problem. Come in a RV – no problem. Come in with a Caravan / Camper – no problem. All will be catered for.

The 2019 Ulysses Club national rally team are looking forward to welcoming you to Mornington in 2019.

See you in summer, the 2019 Ulysses Club national rally is only eight months away.

So there you have it. 

By the look of the forthcoming weather patterns, it would seem we may be a bit grounded with regard to rides in the near future. 

But that will improve with time and our next outing is scheduled for July 1.   

Keep warm and dry and we’ll see you on the road chewing up some kilometres.