Riverina's Old Kentucky owners tackle obesity

Pat O'Brien, owner of Old Kentucky
Pat O'Brien, owner of Old Kentucky

A Riverina business has branched out in a different way, using its animals to help tackle the obesity crisis. 

Judy and Pat O’Brien have owned Old Kentucky mobile animal farm for more than 15 years, but have shifted their focus to encourage a more active lifestyle. 

“With increasing demand our expansion includes specialised therapy services, goat yoga and goat fitness programs,” Mrs O’Brien said. 

“We are addressing the obesity crisis, that is where our passion lies.” 

Mrs O’Brien said the gimmick of the goats and the fun side of it is what encourages people to get involved and get active. 

“Goat yoga is a world-wide phenomenon and the stress relief provided and the joy is absolutely contagious and hilarious to observe,” she said. 

“It’s absolute chaos, the goats are in and around people, everyone enjoys it.” 

For more information contact oldkentucky34@gmail.com.