Test your knowledge with the Leading Quiz

Residents celebrate Australia Day in Wagga, but on what date? Picture: Les Smith
Residents celebrate Australia Day in Wagga, but on what date? Picture: Les Smith


  1. What two colours appear on the Australia Post logo?
  2. In which Australian state or territory would you find Cairns?
  3. Freddie Mercury was lead singer with which band?
  4. Name the capital of New Zealand.
  5. To who is Kim Kardashian married?
  6. C is the chemical symbol for which element?
  7. How many dwarfs did Snow White stay with?
  8. On what date do we celebrate Australia’s national day?
  9. Who wrote The Ugly Duckling?
  10. How many minutes are there in three hours?
  11. What is the international radio code word for the letter T?
  12. Uluru was given what name in 1873?
  13. Which Christian holiday celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus?
  14. What shape is an Australian Give Way sign?
  15. In the title of the various television series, what does CSI stand for?


  1. How many holes does a bowling ball have?
  2. What is par on a 500m golf hole?
  3. Malcolm Milne was the first Australian to win major overseas events in which sport?
  4. Yellow and blue are the traditional colours of which NRL team?
  5. Name the four throwing events in regular track and field competitions.


  1. Seville, Valencia and navel are all types of which fruit?
  2. Which onion-like vegetable are vampires said to detest?
  3. What breed of dog is commonly associated with Queen Elizabeth II?
  4. Crabs belong to which group of creatures?
  5. What is a silverback?


  1. The City of Wagga recently instituted a new rubbish collection system, part of which is a weekly FOGO collection. What does the acronym FOGO stand for?
  2. At which Wagga sportsground would you find the city’s cycling track?
  3. What is the postcode for the Riverina town of Collingullie?
  4. In which Riverina municipality would you find the unusual Hankinson Fountain?
  5. Which company manufactured that unusual fountain?


  1. A man lost his life at the weekend in a fire on which floor of Trump Tower in Manhattan?
  2. A truck filled with 20 tonnes of what item, believed to be headed for McDonald’s, overturned on the Hume Highway last week?
  3. What was the nationality of the weightlifter who collapsed during a lifting attempt at the Commonwealth Games on Sunday?
  4. How old was Winnie Madikizela- Mandela at the time of her recent death?
  5. Name the former Australian Test captain who announced that he is willing to return to cricket should Cricket Australia need his services.