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What is the beautiful Taj Mahal made of?
What is the beautiful Taj Mahal made of?


Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke

  1. Who is the star of the Dirty Harry series of movies?
  2. What did the Knave of Hearts steal?
  3. In which country would you find Mount Olympus?
  4. What are alleged to have been the last words of Ned Kelly?
  5. How many calories are there in a glass of water?
  6. What is the Taj Mahal made of?
  7. What letter appears to the left of G on a keyboard?
  8. Kathmandu is the capital of which nation?
  9. For how many years did Sleeping Beauty sleep?
  10. How many days were there in the year 2000?
  11. Which spread is said to ‘put a rose in every cheek’?
  12. Which river flows through Rome?
  13. John Travolta and Olivia Newton John sang Summer Nights on which soundtrack?
  14. When the cow jumped over the moon, what did the little dog do?
  15. Heineken beer comes from which country?


  1. With which sport do we associate Michael Clarke?
  2. In which sport is the Bledisloe Cup contested?
  3. Why were Geoff Boycott, John Emburey and Graham Gooch suspended from Test cricket in 1983?
  4. In boxing terms, what does TKO stand for?
  5. How many players take to the field in AFLX?


  1. What do we call a young goat?
  2. What order of insects contains the most species?
  3. The red and green kangaroo paw is the floral emblem for which state or territory?
  4. Name the vegetable that is used as a national emblem of Wales.
  5. What is a baby horse called?


  1. What sport do the Tolland Wolves play?
  2. In which suburb of Wagga would you find the Amy Hurd Early Learning Centre?
  3. The Kooringal Mall was established in which year?
  4. Name the footbridge that crosses the railway tracks from the train station to Railway Street.
  5. How many Coles supermarkets are in Wagga?


  1. How old was Sir Roger Bannister at the time of his recent death?
  2. Which movie won the 2018 Best Film Oscar?
  3. Name the Australian actress who had to carry out repairs on her Oscars dress after the straps came off.
  4. A child died in Inverell after being mauled by what type of dog?
  5. Which Riverina town held Mardi Gras on Saturday?