One of Australia's creepiest haunted dolls was found in Wagga

He’s been dubbed Australia’s most haunted doll but to owner Kerry Walton, Wagga’s Letta Me Out is just part of the family. 

‘Letta’ was discovered underneath a Wagga home more than 46 years ago and has since made international headlines for the strange occurrences that follow him around. 

Mr Walton claims the doll has moved in front of people, objects have mysteriously moved while the family has slept and scuff marks have appeared on the bottom of Letta’s shoes. 

While the claim to fame often draws media and community attention, Mr Walton said the doll, who is the size of a small child, also has a tendency to send people away. 

“One time a camera man was coming to film Letta and was so spooked that he wanted nothing to do with him and had to leave,” he said. 

“He wasn’t able to come back.” 

Mr Walton came across the doll in 1972 as he was collecting bottles in the neighbourhood, when curiosity got the better of him at a home which has now been demolished. 

“When my father was young he would tell us about the haunted house,” he said. 

“I got underneath because I thought there was a little kid there and found Letta. 

“Shivers went up my spine when I saw his face, and a cold chill covered my whole body.” 

Right there and then Mr Walton decided to give the doll a better home and life “as ugly as he was”. 

While Mr Walton said he has made attempts to sell the doll –  he just couldn’t let Letta go. 

“He is part of the family and has been with us for more than 40 years,” he said. 

"I physically couldn't get him out of the car, he protested.” 

The family brought Letta to several meetings with psychics who all drew the same conclusion. 

"They believe the doll has a spirit of a young boy inside who died many years ago in a drowning," Mr Walton said. 

“Over the years I have come to believe there is more about Letta Me Out than anyone will ever know. 

“Secrets only he wants to keep to himself.” 

The doll now lives in Queensland town Warrick with the family, who regularly brings Letta Me Out to venues for meet and greet sessions.