Riverina Leader, thumbs up, thumbs down


THUMBS Down to people who don’t bother to keep basic hygiene standards, especially in this heat. I nearly passed out from the fumes of a person at the checkout the other day. There is no way you couldn’t be aware of your own odour. Have consideration for the rest of us – try showering and washing your clothes. I was seriously left sick to the stomach. 


THUMBS Up to the Bald Archy exhibition at the museum. So nice to see art not taking itself so seriously. There are some clever ideas executed in this best of the best – good on Wagga for securing this piece of Aussie gold! Don’t miss this one – it’s one to remember.


THUMBS Up to the kind group of children, who on their walk home from school, found my cheeky cat, which had escaped out the frontdoor earlier in the morning. I had been worried sick and looking for him all morning. I hope good karma comes your way kids – your parents should be proud of your efforts. Well done. Little Gertie has not managed to escape again – thankfully.