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GUESS WHO: Most Wagga residents have visited the Victory Memorial Gardens, but do you know who designed it? Picture: Kieren L Tilly
GUESS WHO: Most Wagga residents have visited the Victory Memorial Gardens, but do you know who designed it? Picture: Kieren L Tilly


  1. What do we call the thin tape passed between the teeth to clean their surface?
  2. Name the two colours that appear on the flag of Greece?
  3. And what is the capital of that nation?
  4. In time telling terms, what does p.m. stand for?
  5. Name the musical that sees Professor Higgins teaching Eliza Doolittle to be a lady.
  6. Chocolate, vanilla and which other flavour make up Neapolitan ice-cream?
  7. What is the name of Donald Duck’s girlfriend?
  8. What is the 18th letter of the alphabet?
  9. Haggis is a food particularly associated with the cuisine of which nation?
  10. Which planet is fourth from the Sun?
  11. In which Australian state or territory would you find Byron Bay?
  12. What object had the crocodile in Peter Pan swallowed?
  13. What is Batman’s secret identity?
  14. Which two primary colours mix to make green?
  15. According to the rhyme, what did Tom, Tom, the piper’s son steal?


  1. With which sport do we associate the San Antonio Spurs?
  2. Which British monarch is said to have introduced golf to England?
  3. How many periods of play is a game of NBA basketball split into?
  4. What sport do pugilists participate in?
  5. A goal in Australian Rules football is worth how many points?


  1. What unit is traditionally used to measure the height of a racehorse?
  2. What is a male swan known as?
  3. To which family of plants do capsicums belong?
  4. What type of creature is a barracuda?
  5. Name the respiratory organs of fish.


  1. In which Wagga suburb would you find Jack Misson Oval?
  2. How many Australia Post outlets are there in Wagga?
  3. What sport do the Wagga Wanderers represent the city in?
  4. Who designed the Victory Memorial Gardens?
  5. In which year was the Jolly Swagman statue in that park unveiled?


  1. Which Australian politician was embroiled in scandal this week after it emerged that he had left his wife for his now pregnant, former staffer, girlfriend?
  2. Name the city that is currently hosting the Winter Olympics.
  3. An exhibition celebrating the 25th anniversary of which popular and satirical art contest opened in Wagga last week?
  4. How many complaints to the Advertising Standard Board led to KFC altering their advertisement showing a child’s drawing of “Mummy and Daddy naked wrestling”?
  5. Scottish scientists recently revealed that they have been successful for the first time in fully growing what to maturity?