Police advise caution amidst growing concerns for online scamming in Wagga

ON ALERT: Online scammers are hitting Wagga and police are advising caution.
ON ALERT: Online scammers are hitting Wagga and police are advising caution.

Riverina residents have been advised to exercise caution over the phone after a spate of post-Christmas scamming attacks.

Police within the Wagga Local Area Command have received mulitple reports in relation to people being fraudulently scammed out of their money this month.

These scams purportedly masquerade as large financial or communication institutions and ask for personal details and information.

Wagga Local Area Command Inspector Phil Malligan said “sizeable” amounts of money had already been scammed and pleaded with residents to take care when dealing with suspicious calls from ‘lawless countries’.

“Police are calling on the members of the public to be extremely savvy when they’re dealing with people that are ringing up purporting to be somebody from a legitimate company and offering information to get access to their computer and their banking institutions,” he said.

Inspector Malligan said older residents were being targeted in the scam, which uses new apps to record financial information.

“There’s certain apps that these people are using … such as Team Viewer where they can access your details,” he said.

“If you’re unsure, just ask someone who is computer savvy… but do not give your personal details to someone over the phone whom you cannot identify.”

Telstra has also released notices in offices around Wagga outlining the nature of the scam, stating claims may include suggestions of financial threat or a partnership with the Australian Federal Police.