Test your knowledge in the Leading Quiz

What is the name of the music event that was held at the MTC at the weekend? Picture: Kieren L Tilly
What is the name of the music event that was held at the MTC at the weekend? Picture: Kieren L Tilly


  1. If you obtain an item ‘for nix’ how much have you paid?
  2. What was the alleged profession of Mary Magdalene?
  3. The Joker is an enemy of which superhero?
  4. What is the square of nine?
  5. What was Indiana Jones searching for in the popular film Raiders of the Lost Ark?
  6. Name the star of the movie A Knight’s Tale.
  7. In what Australian court are divorce proceedings heard?
  8. The wringing of the skin on a persons arm or wrist to cause pain is known as a Chinese what?
  9. What city is home to the AFL team known as the Lions?
  10. Members of Hitler’s storm troopers were known as what shirts?
  11. The name of what metal is also a slang term for a police officer?
  12. What animal appeared on the Australian two cent coin?
  13. In which Australian state or territory would you find the town of Cessnock?
  14. What does the French phrase “C’est la vie” mean?
  15. What colour is traditionally associated with cowardice?


  1. In golf, what term is used to describe the distance that a ball travels on the ground after its flight through the air?
  2. How many different pieces of apparatus are used by women in Olympic gymnastics competition?
  3. What do we call the coloured clothes worn by jockeys?
  4. How many teams are involved in a triangular contest?
  5. In which sport might you find a short leg, a square leg and a fine leg?


  1. How many species of kangaroo are there?
  2. Name at least two of those species.
  3. Couscous is made from what grain?
  4. What group of plants has the botanical name Nymphaeaceae?
  5. What is a male goose called?


  1. In which street in Wagga would you find KU Koala Preschool?
  2. In which year was Griffith proclaimed a city?
  3. How Commonwealth Bank branches are there in Wagga?
  4. Who was the first person to be crowned Miss Wagga Wagga in 1949?
  5. Now known as Community Princess, what was that position previously known as?


  1. Which tennis star has revealed that she was regularly beaten and abused by her father in the lead up to the release of her biography?
  2. What is the name of that biography?
  3. Name the live music event held at the Murrumbidgee Turf Club on Saturday.
  4. Disneyland was recently linked to an outbreak of which disease?
  5. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s cat recently died after being hit by a car. What was that cat’s name?


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