Test your knowledge with the Leading Quiz

Mayor Greg Conkey opens the new The Daily Advertiser office at what address in Wagga? Picture: Les Smith
Mayor Greg Conkey opens the new The Daily Advertiser office at what address in Wagga? Picture: Les Smith


  1. Who was the Greek god of the underworld?
  2. What does 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of milk and 1 egg provide a basic batter for?
  3. Which fairytale character said “Run, run, run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch me I’m the…..”?
  4. Seamus is the Gaelic equivalent of which English name?
  5. What is your patella?
  6. What is half of 72?
  7. Who was the star of the 1955 American drama movie Rebel Without a Cause?
  8. What is the capital of Italy?
  9. Are polar bears found at the North or South Pole?
  10. What astronomical phenomenon is featured on the Bayeux Tapestry?
  11. In what style did Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky paint?
  12. Who replaced Tony Barber as the host of the long-running game show Sale of the Century?
  13. If you filled your car with ULP, what would you be putting in it?
  14. Which southern American city is considered to be the birthplace of jazz?
  15. Which famous street in that city shares its name with an alcoholic beverage?


  1. What was significant about the 1968 Olympic men’s 100 metres final?
  2. Who was the first woman, nicknamed the Queen of the Waves, to swim the English Channel?
  3. In which year did she complete that feat?
  4. In golf, a score of three under par on any given hole is known as a what?
  5. How many Grand Slam titles did Steffi Graf win?


  1. What type of creature is a cuckoo?
  2. Name the national tree of the country of India.
  3. How many legs do most insects have?
  4. Kent, Jarrahdale and Jap are all varieties of which vegetable?
  5. What is the national animal of Canada?


  1. What is the address of the new The Daily Advertiser office after the organisation left 48 Trail Street after more than 100 years on Monday?
  2. In December of which year did the Kangaroo March begin in Wagga?
  3. How many men started that march?
  4. Which Riverina village held their annual picnic race meeting at the weekend?
  5. In which suburb would you find Wagga’s Sacred Heart Primary School?


  1. More than 40 people are dead and schools have been closed in Madagascar after an outbreak of which disease, which was dubbed the Black Death during a previous outbreak?
  2. Name the small organisation that was awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.
  3. Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock opened fire on a music festival crowd from a room in which hotel?
  4. And on which floor of that hotel was his room?
  5. Last week saw the ABC announce that the current season of which late night current affairs program would be the last?


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