Riverina Leader, thumbs up, thumbs down


THUMBS Down to the absolute idiot hoons who use Bourke and Docker streets like its Mount Panorama. I lay awake a night hearing these car absolutely tear through the intersections, often followed by brakes screeching as round-a-bouts and lights near. It’s a miracle no one has been killed. Going fast does not make you “cool”, in fact, it’s just the opposite. Have some respect for your licence, and the lives of other road users.


THUMBS Up to the groovy senior having a dance in aisle 8 at Woolies the other day. Dance like no one is watching indeed! Certainly put a smile on my face and made me want to dance along!


THUMBS Up to Wagga Council for the fantastic Hall-a-Day school holiday show. My children, and myself, thoroughly enjoyed the African performance group. The music and dance was inspiring and the performers a true delight. A great addition to the school holidays and at a great price. Thank you.


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