Put your knowledge to the test with this week’s Leading Quiz

Which Group Nine team won the grand final at the weekend?
Which Group Nine team won the grand final at the weekend?


  1. What is the 20th letter of the English alphabet?
  2. In which century did the Irish potato famine take place?
  3. In which year did the first air crash fatality occur?
  4. An assassination attempt was made on which Pope in 1981?
  5. Who was the frontman for the band The Wailers?
  6. And which religion did he follow?
  7. Name the second space shuttle launched.
  8. What was the name of the Australian yacht that won the 1983 America’s Cup?
  9. Name the Men At Work song that became the unofficial anthem of that victory.
  10. Who created the artwork titled “210 Coca Cola bottles”?
  11. The Torah is a sacred scripture of which religion?
  12. In which American State is the famous Sing Sing prison?
  13. How many colours are there in the spectrum?
  14. Which film featured the song (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life?
  15. Name the director of the movie Frenzy.


  1. How long are the halves in a game of rugby union?
  2. What colour are table tennis balls used in competition?
  3. What is the nationality of racing driver Jenson Button?
  4. What colour is the ball pocketed last in a game of pool?
  5. And what number does that ball carry?


  1. The name of which animal means ‘earth pig’ in Afrikaans?
  2. What type of creature is a clydesdale?
  3. What part of the rice plant do we eat?
  4. Name the most common species of dolphin.
  5. What is the floral emblem of Queensland?


  1. In which street is Narrandera Public School?
  2. Name the two highways that pass through Narrandera.
  3. On which Wagga building would you see the NightLight Projections?
  4. Staff at the Botanic Gardens are currently asking for suggestions of names for what type of twins?
  5. A bronze sculpture of which Wagga native is currently on display at the Sporting Hall of Fame?


  1. After battling cancer, which founder of charity Love Your Sister died last week?
  2. How old was she?
  3. Name the Stephen King novel that was re-released as a movie recently.
  4. Which team won the Group Nine grand final at the weekend?
  5. Name the hurricane that hit Florida recently.


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