Riverina Leader, thumbs up, thumbs down, September 13, 2017


THUMBS Up to Riverina Ski Sports. A family run business that delivers exceptional service. The staff were so concerned that hire gear for the kids might not fit they insisted on manning the phones after hours until I had gone home to check all was well and rang back to confirm. You don’t get service like that in metropolitan centres, well done. 


THUMBS Down to the ambulance officer who told an 80-year-old she had no right to call an ambulance as it was not an emergency. The elderly lady was vomiting and had the flu and lives by herself on the outskirts of Wagga.


THUMBS Down to the person who scratched my maiden name on the boot of my car. I have never done you any harm or treated you or yours with such disrespect. Every day gives you a fresh chance to be the best person you can be. So give it a go and do better in the future, and see how good it feels. Treat others with respect and make the world a better place. Every little bit helps.

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