Riverina Leader, thumbs up, thumbs down, August 16, 2017


THUMBS Down to the germ-infested, walking disease machine, that was fondling every piece of fruit at the shop recently. You were sneezing, coughing and leaking mucus all over the place – and then picking up apples, broccoli and a myriad of other produce. You weren’t even trying to mask your illness. How about you try using a tissue at least next time! It made me feel ill myself watching your disregard for others. There are many vulnerable people in the community, have some commonsense and stay at home when ill.


THUMBS Down to my neighbour who lets his two dogs bark non-stop, day and night. Walk the poor critters please!


THUMBS Up to the lovely gentleman I witnessed on a date with, who I presume is his partner, at a local restaurant recently. The young man displayed all the good manners of yesteryear – he opened doors, pulled out her chair and, amazingly, didn’t even look at his phone once! What a nice surprise. Too often we take these small gestures for granted. Your parents would be proud young man, and I hope you got a second date!