Test your knowledge with the Leading Quiz | August 9, 2017

HALTED: Mitchell Hardman clings onto Jordan Robbie in the Riverina Schoolboys Football Carnival on Saturday. Picture: Laura Hardwick
HALTED: Mitchell Hardman clings onto Jordan Robbie in the Riverina Schoolboys Football Carnival on Saturday. Picture: Laura Hardwick


1. What is the main ingredient in the common breakfast dish of omelettes?

2. Name the actor who starred in the 2000 movie “Gladiator”.

3. Now name the movie that saw Charlton Heston play a Roman charioteer.

4. Which religious figure’s name means “enlightened one”?

5. In which year did the first US marines arrive in Vietnam?

6. What is the boiling point of water at sea level?

7. Thin sheets of pasta that can be layered with sauce, meat or vegetables are known as what?

8. How many children were there in the fictional TV’s “Brady Bunch” blended family?

9. Name at least three of those children.

10. Pb is the chemical symbol for what?

11. At what sort of ceremony would you expect to hear the word “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…”?

12. Who writes a person’s autobiography?

13. And what type of animal is the character Stuart Little?

14. Who had hits with “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Blue Suede Shoes”?

15. Name the actor who portrayed an Autistic savant in the 1980s movie “Rain Man”.


16. How many feathers are there usually on a shuttlecock?

17. What is the second-fastest swimming stroke?

18. Does a ‘fast’ pool have deep or shallow water?

19. Where in a bobsleigh does the ‘brakeman’ sit?

20. What game of chance is played with a kip?


21. The foot of which animal is often carried as a lucky charm?

22. What do Americans call the herb that we know as coriander?

23. What type of creature is an eclectus?

24. Name the national flower of England.

25. Roughly how many months long is the gestation period of a sheep?


26. In which year was Wagga Wagga both surveyed and proclaimed a town?

27. Which Riverina locality held its annual Schoolboys Rugby League Carnival at the weekend?

28. In which street would you find the Riverina Motor Group?

29. Rawlings Park is a sports complex found in which Wagga Wagga Suburb?

30. How many Westpac Bank branches are there in Wagga Wagga?


31. Which former Australian Olympic gold medallist died recently after a long battle with Multiple Sclerosis?

32. How old was she at the time of her death?

33. Name the supermarket chain caught up in a scandal over customers being charged more than once for purchases in March.

34. A tent city of homeless people is set to be cleared out from which Sydney landmark under a new deal announced by Clover Moore on Monday?

35. A Melbourne teenager emerged from the water at a Brighton Beach on Sunday to find his legs covered in blood. It is believed that he was bitten by what tiny sea creatures?


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