Riverina Leader sport, July 19, 2017


THE weather has improved and a handful headed off over Naranderra way last week enjoying a good ride in sunshine with a bit of frosty chill  thrown in.

There was a very good attendance at Billy’s Café on Saturday morning and it was here that the contingent too off for the overnight stay at Jugiong, and they were farewelled by a bunch who were unable to go for a variety of reason. 

The travellers shot up to Tumut where they had lunch. By all accounts the Christmas in July at Jugiong, was a smash hit and all those who attended kept up the club tradition and were disgraceful. 

I did hear a couple of gripes about  the cool Sunday morning, but you get that in the winter.

On Sunday the Toy Run Committee conducted a firewood raffle  with a two cubic metre trailer load of wood donated by Mark Kendall’s Tree Service. 

An excellent response to the raffle was experienced, it was drawn on the day and won by Damien Baddeley of Wagga with ticket number 743.

Our monthly meeting was held last night with the usual supporters braving the chill.

August 6 we meet up with Griffith and Albury/Wodonga for the annual feast at the Morundah Hotel. On August 19 it’s off to The Temora Aviation Museum where they will be having a fly day.  That is always a good event  and food and drink is no problem, being available on site.

Of course, weather permitting, there is always the Wednesday rides which leaves Billy’s Café at 9.30am,  after a discussion about a destination. 

Once again see if you can round up some new recruits to help bolster our  ranks. Give us a call on 0408 420 766 or ring the National Office, in Narellan on 1300 134 123 or 02 4647 7772. There are lots of good reasons to join and make like-minded friends all over Australia. Enjoy the week and watch out for Tin Tops.


WAGGAROOS junior Lachlan Billett competed with distinction in the M16 age-class at the Orienteering NSW State League events near Newcastle last weekend.

Lachlan finished second on both days. On the 3.6km middle distance event conducted around sandstone cliffs on Saturday Lachlan finished just three minutes off the pace set by BigFoot’s Ewan Shingler. On Sunday on a 5.6km long distance course he again finished second, this time behind Newcastle’s Alvin Craig.

Locally WaggaRoos had a good 39:26 points win in the Interclub Orienteering Challenge against Albury last Sunday and after six events leads 125:104.

The very well attended event attracted almost 60 people including a good turn out from Albury that ensured a heathy point score for both clubs.

It was conducted at Connorton just south of Wagga using courses modelled on those used at the recent Australian 3 Days. The numerous rock features challenged most people and some recorded times much slower than usual.

In the Interclub competition points are awarded on each course according to places for an equal number of participants from each club.

WaggaRoos started the day with an eight point advantage after five events but Albury have won the last two contests and narrowed the gap. A strong showing by WaggaRoos was required.

Briohny Seaman and Deb Davey gave WaggaRoos a good start finishing first and second on the 5.1kmHard course. Albury’s Matt Flower prevented a clean sweep in this class finishing third ahead of WaggaRoos John Oliver.

This gave WaggaRoos a useful 14:6 lead for the day.

Albury hit back hard in the 3.6km Hard course with Liz Wood and Helen Robinson filling the first two places. WaggaRoos junior Jack Janetski did very well in the complex terrain to finish in third place. When Anthony & Imogen Metcalfe finished fourth ahead of Albury’s Bill Krautz & Vera McCluskey WaggaRoos held a narrow 3 point lead.

It was on the 3.0km Moderate course that WaggaRoos gained ascendancy. Trent Seaman, Brendan Judd, Cameron McDougall and Wes Campbell filled the first four places ensuring a WaggaRoos win.

WaggaRoos rounded the victory off with Tom & John Janetski finishing ahead of Albury’s Michelle & Lucy Wilson.

WaggaRoos now has a healthy 21 point lead ahead of Event 7 which will be conducted near Yackandandah of 6 August.

Results: 5.1km Hard Course: Briohny Seaman (W) 48.57; Deb Davey (W) 61.29; Matt Flower (A) 63.29; John Oliver (W) 70.20; Rob Simmons (A) 85.35; Tadeusz Davenport (W) 90.25; Iain Crossett (W) 122.42; Geoff Breese & Thomas Burley (W) 125.13; Tony Perrott (A) DNF. 3.6km Hard Course: Liz Wood (A) 56.34; Helen Robinson (A) 62.35; Jack Janetski (W) 73.59; Anthony & Imogen Metcalfe (W) 81.24; Bill Krautz & Vera McCluskey (A) 92.00; Shani Rajasekera (W) 146.16. 3.0 Moderate Course: Trent Seaman (W) 37.52; Brendan Judd (W) 47.00; Cameron McDougall (W) 49.54; Wes Campbell (W) 53.14; Tony & Noah Wilson (A) 51.44; Emma Flower (A) 56.23; Ethan Rahaley (A) 56.45; Metcalfe Family (W) 58.09; Lisa Metcalfe & Arthur Ruwald (W) 58.50; Izzi Hutchinson, Chantelle & John Dailey (W) 64.53; Phil Roy & Loren Edmanson (W) 65.17; Farquhar Family (W) 99.00. 1.8km Easy Course: Tom & John Janetski (W) 25.14; Ryder Seaman (W) 32.08; Hill & Bruce Families (W) 39.35; Melissa Comrie, Iona Judd, Paris Spencer (W) 41.31; Michelle & Lucy Wilson (A) 44.02; Kath Oliver (W) 51.37.


MONDAY Vets this week was won by Roy sanders on a count back from Ron Culgan on 33 Nett. Ball comp going down to 37 nett C/B.

Ladies played round 1 of their 4BBB Championships on Tuesday. Daily Winners:  Scratch Points - Jenny Hazell/Dee Harley 24;  Runners Up:  Janelle Doust/Maureen Foley 23.

Handicap Winners:  Lorraine Hickey/Ann Packer 45 Points;  Runners Up- Carmel Pearce/Janine Fitzgerald 43 pts c/b

NTP:  Div. 1:  Lorraine Hickey, Div 2: Marg. Bradley, Div. 3:  June Rootes.

Big Hitting Brian Smith won A Grade on Wednesday with 43 points from Eric Koetz 38 points. B Grade winner was Col Randall 37 points and Doug Emery 32 points came in second. Tony Merrigan, John Mooney and Eric Koetz won the Ntps.

Len Jenkins took out the Vets Comp on Thursday on a count back from Terry Baker both 34 Nett. 38 Nett on a count back won a ball.

The wrap up of the Ladies 4BBB Championships is as follows - it has been a long time since we have had a Playoff so that was exciting for the Ladies:

36 Holes Winners and Runners Up were:

SCRATCH WINNERS AND 4BBB CHAMPIONS:  Jenny Hazell and Dee Harley with total 43 scr points in a Playoff

SCRATCH RUNNERS UP: Janelle Doust and Maureen Foley with 43 Scr points

HANDICAP WINNERS: June Byrnes and Sue Oakman with 89 nett

Runners up: Marg Bradley and Anne Turner with 88 nett

DAILY WINNERS for 18 holes: Scratch - June Byrnes and Sue Oakman 22 points

Runners Up:  Janelle Doust and Maureen Foley  20 c/b

Handicap Winners:  Marg Bradley and Anne Turner - 47 points c/b

Pam Kellam and Carol Martin 42 pts c/b

Saturday the Men played for the Monthly Medals.

A Grade was won by Kyle Harrison 68 Nett. Runner up was Mic Hazell going around in even par off the stick 70 Nett. Ethan Perry won B Grade 67 Nett from John Flanagan 69 nett Terry McMillan took out C Grade 66 Nett from Peter Austin 73 Nett.

Peter Treharne and Bob McKenzie won the Ntps.

Results of the Business Girls golf for Saturday It was the 2nd Round of the Secretary’s Trophy

Winner Doreen Hazell – 72 nett on a count back from Runner up Jan Pollard 72 nett, Nearest the Pin on the 18th Dee Harley.

Steve Seetanna took out the Sunday 9 Hole Comp this week with 21 points from Melanie Brown 18 points. Balls going to 17points on a count back.

Just a reminder that the last Sunday of the Month there will be an 18 Hole Medley Stableford.

This month it will be Sunday, July 30.

A starting sheet is available on line.


DOWNSIDE Clay Shooting Club monthly shoot is a come and try. Raffle for little Mia July 22.

Club Location: National Shooting Grounds, Tasman Road, Wagga.

Downside club shoot for the month CTC 12.30pm July 22, 25T DB, 30T Medley, 25T Handicap 1-2-3, $100 High Gun.

Come and try clay shooting it is on too, you must be aged 13 and over.

For information about come and try clay shooting contact Peter Whitlock, 0434 043 699

We have practice on Friday afternoon at 4pm.

Raffle fundraiser for little Mia.

If you would like to donate something for the raffle, That would be great and much appreciated. 

Mia's Little Leg, Big Adventure was set up to keep our friends, family and the wider community up to date on Mia's and our family's journey with CFD (Congenital femoral deficiency).

It is a page where we will share the highs and lows of our big adventure with CFD and also raise awareness of the condition.

Basically what CFD in Mia's case means, was that she was born with a very small femur in her left leg and a severely underdeveloped hip, making it significantly shorter than her right one. We will be fundraising for Mia to get her the best possible treatment available and this page will provide all the information required for people to help out in anyway possible.

Our journey with CFD began at 19 weeks when we went in for our routine anomaly scan. We went in with not a care in the world after being told at 12 weeks that everything looked perfect.

That all soon changed when we were told their was a "serious problem" with our baby. What followed was a long month of tears, research and well more tears.

We were referred to specialists who confirmed that our baby girl indeed had a very small femur measuring a teeny tiny 0.7cm at that stage. We were told that they doubted it would grow and that amputation would be our most likely option and handed a limbs for life brochure and referred onto a orthopaedic surgeon.

In this time I had already diagnosed Mia with CFD through my hours and hours of research and emailing surgeons across the globe. So by the time we got to the surgeon it was no surprise when he told us it was CFD. He told us to continue the scans and see where we were at once she was born.

So we continued with scans every 4-5 weeks and each time her tiny bone grew, not much but it grew (those "specialists" were proven wrong!)

Because of all the frantic research we did, seeing her little leg at birth was heartbreaking but not a shock, our little girl was perfect in every other way!

CFD is said to occur from 1 in 50,000 births to 1 in 200,000 births depending on the severity as there are varying types. Mia's type of CFD however has been diagnosed as Paley type 3A, with severe hip issues also which is on the more severe end of the condition, pushing her type closer to the 1 in 1,000,000.

 There are certain surgeries that are unfortunately not offered here in Australia at this stage and we want only the best for her which means raising money to get her to the best. The treatment alone costs hundreds of thousands of dollars plus we have to travel and stay in America for a few months,

Rules Men’s Bowls

After playing off in the Final of the Minor Singles Championship Nathan Kemp and Nathan Willis teamed up to win the Minor Pairs Championship in a close and high standard match against Mick Carey and Phil Howarth 20 shots to 18.

In the semi finals Kemp and Willis def Charlie Ryan and Henry Sperrin 25/19 and Carey and Howarth def Jeff Post and Jim Sloan 26/21.

First round results saw  Nathan Kemp, Nathan Willis def Darren and Harrison Conroy 15/14; Charlie Ryan, Henry Sperrin def Max Sommons, Alan Jacobson 21/11; Mick Carey, Phil Howarth def Bill Woodbury, Peter Wild 30/14; Jeff Post, Jim Sloan def Rod Cramp, Mile Knezevic 21/18.

Wednesday blind draw triples winners : Paul Fenwick, Johnno Johnston, Bill Woodbury 23 points; runners up Doug Murray, Norm King 22 points; 3rd place Bernie Bunson, Henry Sperrin, Bill Wilson 19 points.

Friday nominated Pairs winners : Rod Cramp, Mick Foxall 31 points; runners - up Max Simmons, Charlie Ryan 21 points; 3 rd place Jeff Post, Barry Breust 19 points. Saturday blind draw winners: Darren Peak, Pat Sullivan 18 points; runners - up Eddie Forbes, Norm King 17 points.

Nomination sheet on Board for Friday, July 28. Fully Loaded blind draw Pairs; prizemoney $200; 2 games 12 ends 1pm start.

Coming Events: Wednesday blind draw Triples, names in by noon  for 1pm start. Friday Nominated Pairs , names in by noon for 1pm start. Saturday Blind draw, names in by  noon for 1pm start. Sunday Mixed Blind Draw, names in by 12.30 pm for 1pm start.


Tuesday, July 11: Social Bowls: H. Tyrell, N. Gay & J. Mitchell Def M. Williams, J. Stair, & J. Wilson. S. Lucas & K. Reid Def M. Telford & F. Mahon.

Winners: B. Robinson, J. Edwards & V. Burkinshaw Def P. Mcintyre, T. Iirilli & B. Cotterill

Thursday, July 13: Social Bowls: V. Quigley & B. Cotterill Def J. Serhan & K. Mcmillian. J. Robbins, J. Stair & J. Wilson Def H. Tyrell, J. Edwards & F. Mahon. E. Larkin, S. Lucas & T. Iirilli Def B. Robinson, J. Mitchell & M. Thornton. N. Post, M. Mccrum & J. Chappelow Def A. Purcell, N. Gay & K. Reid

Winners: A. Leonard, R. Woodbury & M. Hounsell Def A. Leonard, M. Telford & V. Burkinshaw

Explorers Rifle Club

1000 Yards (914 metres) is challenging at the best of times.

We use the same target at 800 Yards and 900 Yards so it is another 100 Yards of difficulty and more wind exposure.  

Saturdays shoot was one of those days when the wind was difficult to read let alone trying to figure out what wind adjustment was required for the long 1000 Yards.

 At times all flags were reading something different and the mirage showing a different direction/strength as well.  The strength was changing continuously and occasionally flipping from the left to right.

 Though nevermore than eight mph.

We have started a new competition for the best first shot from a cold barrel.  

Rob Jeffery smashed it this week with an X!  

Overall Neville Lyons read the conditions the best but still finishing 20 points down.

This shoot was this months Trophy shoot and this was won on handicap by John Dixon.

Target Rifle Scott Brindley-133.2, Dave Xuereb-125.5. (Out of 150). F Class  Neville Lyons-FO-160.6, John Dixon-FO-156.2, Rob Jefferys-FO-153.1, Jack-FO-152.2, John Smoothy-FO-134. (Out of 180)

Next week will be a 300 Yard Club Shoot.