Test your knowledge with the Leading Quiz | July 12, 2017

HEAD-SCRATCHER: Everyone knows The Simpsons, but do you know which family has lived next door for almost 30 years?
HEAD-SCRATCHER: Everyone knows The Simpsons, but do you know which family has lived next door for almost 30 years?


1. What type of alcoholic drink is usually made from hops?

2. According to the proverb, civility costs what?

3. W is the chemical symbol for what?

4. For which wedding anniversary is the gift traditionally silver?

5. Name the family who live next door to the Simpsons in the show of the same name.

6. Who invented dynamite?

7. What is the basic unit of currency of the Solomon Islands?

8. Can the emu fly?

9. Who wrote a series of books about the mythical land of Narnia?

10. Bruce Wayne is the alter ego of which superhero?

11. And what is the name given to his sidekick?

12. Name the capital of Nicaragua.

13. What is the chemical symbol for Boron?

14. In which year did a coup overthrow Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie?

15. In which decade of the 20 th century did punk rock hit the music scene?


16. What sport do the New York Mets play?

17. How wide is a basketball court?

18. What is the real name of former cricket umpire ‘Dickie’ Bird?

19. With which sport do we associate Arthur Ashe?

20. How many laps is the Indianapolis 500?


21. What type of creature is a boa constrictor?

22. Phyllostachys nigra is the botanical name of what plant?

23. What creature appears on the flag of Papua New Guinea?

24. Moloch horridus is the scientific name for which Australian native lizard?

25. The fennec fox is native to which continent?


26. What is the Wiradjuri name for The Rock?

27. Name the school located on Edward St.

28. What number bus service would you need to catch if you wished to travel to Bourkelands from the CBD?

29. In which league do the CSU Bushpigs compete?

30. Who is the current mayor of Junee?


31. Why was Adele forced to cancel the final two concerts of her world tour?

32. The Catholic Church recently banned the use of what type of bread for their Communion ritual?

33. Which former AFL star locked himself in a hotel fire escape last week?

34. Television personality Waleed Aly has been a surprise defender of which embattled sportsman who claimed to be bored by his chosen sport last week?

35. Contestants from which state won this year’s House Rules renovation competition television series?

Did you know?

The Simpsons became the longest-running prime time animated series in 1997, besting The Flintstones. Its subsequent 20 years have cemented the show’s place in history as the longest-running sitcom, with 618 episodes so far.


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