Riverina Leader sport, July 12, 2017

GREAT DAY: The Explorers and Wodonga Interclub Shoot at Lockhart last weekend was a successful shoot for all involved. Picture: Contributed
GREAT DAY: The Explorers and Wodonga Interclub Shoot at Lockhart last weekend was a successful shoot for all involved. Picture: Contributed

Explorers Rifle Club

Explorers and Wodonga Interclub Shoot at Lockhart: A great time was had by all at Lockhart on Saturday when Wodonga came to town for an Inter Club Shoot at 1000 Yards.  

The weather was not quite as planned with showers all morning but breaking up enough around 1pm allowing us to get started.

While waiting we had a sausage sizzle to warm everyone up - 17 shooters in all so Manual Targets were used.

Shooting conditions varied from fog, light showers and changeable wind strengths from the West. However some shooters were able to read the conditions, Susie Ryan in FA and Ben Goodwin in F Open. Also Mark Sewell in Target Rifle still top scored despite putting his last shot (a Centre Bull) on the wrong target.

After the shoot Wodonga provided afternoon tea which was eagerly consumed with lots of banter around the Fire Tank!

  • Target Rifle Mark Sewell-92.7, Gayle Sewell-91.4, Scott Brindley-91.4, R Moyle-90.2, G Cavanagh-91.4, T Vinney-87.5, M Fletcher-82.4, G Mull-60.1. (Out of 100).
  • F Class  Susie Ryan-112.6, Bob Pederson-111.3, Graham Crowe-99.3, Kevin Paton-99.2, Hubert Hassall-97.2, K Dyason-91.1, M Folliston-73.1 (Out of 120).
  • F Open Ben Goodwin-FO-116.4, John Goodwin-FO-111.3.

Also thanks to Paul Golden who helped out with Target Marking.

Next week will be a 1000 Yard Club Shoot.

Rules Men’s Bowls

FRIDAY nominated Pairs winners: Henry Sperrin, Mile Knezevic 23 points; runners up Dennis Knight, Daryl Poynton 21 points; 3rd place Barry Belt, Peter Reid 18 points.

Sunday Mixed mufti blind draw winners: Jeff Post, Greg Newbold 21 points; runners up Terry Hilton, Jan Brown 19 points; 3rd place Owen Cotterill, Gayle Hull 16 points.

Wednesday and Saturday social bowls cancelled due to wet weather.

Draw for Minor Pairs Championship on Board with first round to be played July 15.

Coming Events

Wednesday blind draw Triples: Names in by noon  for 1pm start. Friday Nominated Pairs: Names in by noon for 1pm start. Saturday Blind draw: Names in by  noon for 1pm start. Sunday Mixed Blind Draw: Names in by 12.30pm for 1pm start.


THE week has been pretty lousy  what with rain on Wednesday and rain again on Sunday and Saturday was not what you would call brilliant but a few did turn up for coffee at Billy’s.

Up and coming events are the Christmas in July at Jugiong this Saturday, at the Sir George Hotel.

Unfortunately while there are a couple of spots available  at the dinner table accommodation is fully booked with the nearest being Cootamundra or Gundagai. Give Gloria a call on 0418 461 193. 

On Saturday we will be having a sausage sizzle at Toys R Us from 9am until 1pm in aid of this year’s Toy Run. 

On Sunday we will be at the Swap meet with a large trailer full of firewood to be raffled in aid of the Toy Run. If anyone can help at either of these happenings just turn up we will soon give you a job.

Peter Meiklejohn was back home for a few days but he is now back in Calvary Hospital for further treatment. 

If you can spare five minutes to say g’day I am sure he would appreciate it. It is not much fun staring at four walls and a ceiling all day.

On August 6 we meet up with Griffith and Albury/Wodonga for the annual feast at the Morundah Hotel.  

On August 19 it’s off to The Temora Aviation Museum where they will be having a fly day.  

That is always a good event  and food and drink is no problem, being available on site.

Of course, weather permitting,  there is always the Wednesday rides which leaves Billy’s Café at 9:30am,  after a discussion about a destination. 

Our  next Branch meeting is on the 18th of this month at the Radio Club Rooms at 7 Small Street.  Doors open at 7pm and the meeting gets under way at 7.30pm.  All interested people are most welcome.  

And while we are on the subject of interested people, the Ulysses Club membership is declining due to a myriad of factors. 

The club was made up of a large collection of ‘Baby Boomers’ and many of them have moved on to other interests like caravans etc. 

We need an injection of new recruits,  so if you can line up a bunch of motorcyclist who are 40 years old, and above, and love to get out and about get them to give us a call on 0408 420 766 or ring the National Office, in Narellan on 1300 134 123 or 02 4647 7772. 

There are lots of good reasons to join and make like-minded friends all over Australia. Enjoy the week and watch those slippery roads.

Rules Women’s Bowling

Results Of Club Nominated Pairs  27.6 17: A Leonard, L Eggleton  Def  B Robinson, G Rose. V Quigley, E Larkin  Def  J Chappelow, V Burkinshaw. J Stair, S Lucas  Def  C Darcy, F Mahon.

Social Bowls  27.6.17: A Bower, M Williams. B Cotterill Def N Post, J Edwards, T Iirilli. B Bland, B Belt J Wilson  Def  P Macdonald, M Telford, K Reid. C Kubak, M Hounsell, N Gay  Def  H Tyrell, M Mccrum, M Thornton

Semi Finalof Nominated Pairs: Winners  J Stair, S Lucas R/u  L Woolbank (Sub)for V Quigley, E Larkin. Finals To Be Played On Tuesday 4.7.17 Against K Reid &  L Eggleton

Social Bowls 29.6.17: J Robbins, A Bower, M Thornton  Def  B Bland, B Robinson, J Wilson. N Post, M Mccrum, V Burkinshaw  Def  H Tyrell, J Mitchell, K Reid. N Gay, A Purcell, J Chappelow  Def  N Gay, A Leonard, B Cotterill. P Macdonald, F Mahon  Def  T Iirilli, C Mahedy.


Division 1 Men: ROYALS 4 (I. Wilford, A. Boyd, J. Boyd, S. Southall) defeated LAKE ALBERT 3 (B. Baker 2, D. Sterling) HARLEQUINS 4 (Brendan Watson 2, C. Watson 2) defeated CSU/RIVCOLL 0

Division 1 Women: ROYALS WHITE 3 (T. Gibbons 2, V. Schiller) defeated ROYALS BLUE 1 (A. Yan) ROSELLAS 7 (A. Ryan 2, S. Bailey 2, E. Wellham, M. Baker, A. Smeeth) defeated CSU/RIVCOLL 0

Division 2 Men: HARLEQUINS 8 (M. White 3, M. Foster 2, B. Manning 2, J. White) defeated LAKE ALBERT 1 (C. O’Loughlin) CAVALIERS 2 (T. Davis, N. Tinning) defeated CSU/RIVCOLL 1 (L. Hipwell)

Division 2 Women: ROSELLAS RED 2 (S. Harden, K. Burdett) defeated CSU/RIVCOLL 0 ROYALS 5 (K. Boyd 2, T. Gibbons, K. Gibbons, H. Wheaton) defeated ROSELLAS WHITE 2 (S. Bailey, M. Little)

Division 3 Men: ROYALS 5 (S. Southall, J. Hughes, S. Atkinson, G. Wickson, R. Engelbrecht) defeated CSU/RIVCOLL 3 (C. Hutchinson 2, D. Wheeler) HARLEQUINS 2 (M. White, S. Phillips) defeated CAVALIERS 1 (N. Bamford)

Division 3 Women: LAC UNITED 12 (K. Lloyd 4, K. Williamson 3, R. Jacobs 2, E. Tokley 2, M. Redmond) defeated ROSELLAS 0 CSU/RIVCOLL 3 (E. Davis 3) defeated ROYALS 1 (J. Beresford)


July 4: no social bowls due much wanted rain. Social, July 6: Louise Kelly, Janet Graham, Carol Sanbrook def Jill Griffiths, Carol Parkinson, Lesley Gardner. 05/07/2017: Regional 10 Open Fours were played on Wednesday. Winners RSL Club – Chris Coleman, Pam Caulfield, Janet Graham and Trish Whyte. They will now play in state Titles at Taren Point.


Saturday, July 8 was the fourth anniversary for the Riverview Bridge Club and a teams afternoon was conducted to celebrate. We would like to thank all who have supported us over the past four years and hope there are many more years to come.

Tuesday NS 1st J Woods B Hornibrook 2nd V Tarry N Quilty equal 3rd N Vennell M Hoppe & M Moxon R Gooden. EW 1st T Bouffler C Lindsay 2nd M Caspers J Dare 3rd K Slade Y Curtis

Thursday Individual 1st Tricia Kurrle 2nd G Riordan 3rd D Stanbridge

Friday NS 1st V Tarry J Dare 2nd M Kendall T Bouffler 3rd R Tribe D May. EW 1st M Moxon Y Curtis 2nd C Lindsay S Burns 3rd H Treloar T Treloar

Saturday Teams: Equal 1st J Woods M Caspers M Bittar & M Dwyer Equal 1st I Britt D Singh M Sing & J Dare 3rd 1 point behind S Burns C Lindsay G Riordan & K Riordan

Best restricted team: H Treloar T Treloar M Wilson & D Stanbridge.

Wagga Country Club golf

Wednesday Men’s Stableford: Viewco Monthly Mug: 5/7/2017. Sponsor: Viewco Glass. Players: 111.

A Grade: Winner Stuart MacAskill 38 pts, R/up Dean Cooper 37 pts, 3rd Max Jennings 36 pts, 4th Brian Harris 35 pts c/b.

B Grade: Winner Will MacAskill 36 pts, R/up Mike Whelan 35 pts, 3rd Phil Goldsmith 34 pts c/b, 4th Peter Slater 34 pts.

C Grade: Winner Gary Harpley 38 pts, R/up Peter Street 35 pts, 3rd Doug Sutton 35 pts, 4th Darren Bury 34 c/b.

D Grade: Winner Grant Hines 35 pts, R/up Andrew Lea 34 pts c/b, 3rd Ray Tuck 34 pts, 4th John Owens 31 pts c/b.

BallComp: Balls to 30 pts.

4 Ball Aggregate: Balls to 67 pts.

NTP: 2nd Tim Carswell, 7th Col Peisley, 10th Mick Castle, 11th Dave Castle, 14th Simon Mansfield, 18th Max Jennings.

18 hole Stableford: Div 1: Kim Robinson 35pts R/U: Trish Byrne 33pts

Div 2: Robyn Payne 36pts R/U : Judy Bailey 35pts

Div 3: Helen Nixon 39pts R/U: Leonie Ward 36pts

NTP: Sue Newling, Gemma Bromham, Julie Jones, Helen Nixon Balls to 33.

Nine Holes: Winner: Louise Fox 19pts R/U Ronda Malaquin 14pts Balls to 14c/b

Saturday Mens Stableford: White Tees: 8/7/2017.

Sponsor: Wagga Dry Cleaners. Players: 159.

A Grade: Winner Paul Rodney 42 pts, R/up Leigh De Jong 41 pts, 3rd James Elliott 40 pts c/b, 4th Andrew Smith 40 pts.

B Grade: Winner Martin Edwards 42 pts, R/up Peter Slater 39 pts, 3rd Ryan Campbell 38 pts, 4th Craig Bellamy 37pts c/b.

C Grade: Winner Craig Staines 42 pts, R/up Rod Porter 40 pts, 3rd James Harrison 39 pts c/b, 4th Mick Forsyth 39 pts.

D Grade: Winner John Owens 34 pts, R/up Isaac Mark 33 pts, 3rd Paul Dean 31 pts, 4th Bruce Price 30 pts.

Ball Comp: Balls to 33 pts c/b. 4 Ball Aggregate: Balls to 73 pts.