Riverina Leader, thumbs up, thumbs down, June 14, 2017


THUMBS Down to the appalling customer service at a restaurant earlier this month. If you plan on hiring young staff – spend the time to train them! It’s for the benefit of business after all. This poor lass was in way over her head, with not a senior staff member around for help. Our meals were mucked up, it took an eternity to arrive. And while you are at it – try cleaning the toilets a bit better, the smell was stomach churning.


A BIG, smiling and laughing Thumbs Up to the Civic Theatre for all the amazing comedy acts coming to Wagga for the festival. What a coup for our regional city. Can’t wait to have a much needed chuckle and some of the shows. Thank you!


THUMBS Up to the those lucky enough to have fireworks on the long weekend. What a fond childhood memory. Shame the behaviour of a few drongos ruined it all for everyone else. Cracker night was always full of family and friends, food and fireworks, and everyone just having a blast!


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