Riverina Leader sport, June 14, 2017

FIT: Women's 21 elite top three, third-placed Bridget Anderson from Southern Arrows club, first-placed Jo Allison and second-placed Belinda Lawford, both Canberra Cockatoos, at the weekend orienteering event. Picture: Les Smith
FIT: Women's 21 elite top three, third-placed Bridget Anderson from Southern Arrows club, first-placed Jo Allison and second-placed Belinda Lawford, both Canberra Cockatoos, at the weekend orienteering event. Picture: Les Smith


Roman Adamcewicz

THE Saturday junior tennis competitions at the Forest Hill courts resume this weekend. Only two weeks remain which makes for interesting matches to decide final placings.

Wednesday’s Junior Doubles Tennis Competition at the Bolton Park Tennis Complex is open to all juniors that are able to serve. To enter just turn up before the start time of 4pm finish at 6pm sharp.

Leading the competition is Caden Maxwell on 22 points then Pat Wright on 14½ points close behind is Oliver Plum on 12 points with Josh Hillis on six points and Riley Wilson on 5½ points making up the top five positions.

This week’s McDonald’s Sports Award winner was Caden Maxwell.

Further information by contacting the co-ordinator Roman Adamcewicz on 6922 4963 or 0439 584125.

Last Saturday there was excellent tennis played in the junior tennis competitions at the Forest Hill courts.

The masters competition is for players wanting more serious tournament play, with proper tie-breaker sets being played. There is prizemoney for the top twenty players in the competition for all players having played five matches, as well as a best and fairest award. To take part, just turn up at the start time of 3pm until 5pm.    

Leading the masters competition is Caden Maxwell on 50½ points close behind is Oliver Plum on 45 points with Sam Hood on 32 points then Robert Grantham on 24½ points and Reece Rutland on 23 points make up the top five spots.

The junior tennis competition is open to all juniors wanting to play tennis in a friendly relaxed format, and is their first steps to playing competition. All players should be able to serve to take part. There will be trophies to all players having played at least five matches. As well there is a special best and fairest award presented at the end of the competition. This competition starts at 3.00pm to 5.00pm.

The junior tournament leader is Lachlan McDonald on 52 points ahead of  Zac McCarthy on 44 points then Tory Grantham on 41½ points with Mohamed Ghazy on 22½ points and Emma McDonald on 19 ½ points making up the 5 top places.

This week’s McDonalds Sports Award went to: Masters winner Sam Hood. Junior Tournament winner was Emma McDonald.

Enquires about the junior competitions or tennis lessons please contact Roman Adamcewicz on 6922 4963 or 0439 584 125.

Social tennis every Monday and Thursday night from 7pm for all standards at Forest Hill contact Col 0447 464 234 or Trevor 0407 513 974.


THE first thing I have to mention is that all rides now leave at 9.30am, and that includes both Wednesday and any other rides. This departure is the Winter start date and runs from June 1 until August 31. Last week I lobbed down to Billy’s for a coffee at about 9.10am and there was no one there,  all but  Thommo had gone home to the warm fire and Thommo was down the road visiting his grand daughter.  The net result  -  no ride last Wednesday. Meet and Greet on Saturday took place at the Commercial Club due to Mrs Billy (Annette)  taking  the weekend off to visit her uncle.

A few took advantage of the nice weather on Sunday to explore the district but nothing official. This Sunday, June 18 the ride will be to Narrandera, Darlinton Point, Whitton. Colinroobie and Coolamon, leaving McDonalds at 9.30am. On July 2 we will be visiting Young and Boorowa and on August 6 will be the annual trek to the Morundah Pub where we meet up with Griffith and Albury/ Wodonga  for a sumptuous lunch.

The social team are busy organising Christmas in July for the 15th/16th and at this stage it looks as though it will be at the Culcairn Hotel. And on August 19, which is a Saturday, we are heading over to the Temora Aviation Museum where they will be holding a Flying Day.

Our next branch meeting will be on June 20 at the Radio Club Rooms in Small Street.  Doors open at 7pm and the meeting gets under way at 7:30pm and with a bit of luck fellowship will get under way at 8pm.

Ride well,  stay safe and have fun.


ON THE fourth Tony Gestier put in a solid rimfire field performance to take the event with 365.1, Mick Reed (362.6) and David Wade (347) followed. In rimfire silhouette Brad Wignall has held the club record for many years with 25 down.  But no longer, Mick Reed flattened 27 to set a new mark.  The minor places went to Rob Cheetham (20) and Carlo Zuliani (19), with Tony once again up there with 18.

Saturday 17 is black powder from 1.30pm and Sunday 18 centrefire 200y score from 10am.

 For more information: ssaawagga.org.au or Don on 6926 3757.

Rules Men’s Bowls

MAJOR Pairs Championship 3rd round: Bob Hart, Noel O'Brien def David Streher, Jim Carroll (sub) 22/15   ; Ross Maguire, Geoff Rutherford def  Francis Ryan, Rod Cramp 20/18; Bill Bishop, Col Plater def  Nick de Bruyn, Nathan Gardiner 20/19;  Mark Pearce, Ross McKenzie def Darren Peak, Bernie Benson 29/16 . 

Wednesday blind draw winners: Doug Murray, Jim Carroll, Don Anderson 27 points; runners up Mark Pearce, Henry Sperrin, Jack Cousley 24 points; 3rd place Gus Williams, Johnno Johnston 23 points.

Friday Pairs winners: points; runners up points 3rd place points.

Saturday blind draw winners: Ron Francis, Tony Darcy, Norm King 18 points; runners up Peter Dolden, Peter Wild 17 points; 3rd place Col Plater, Kevin Wales, Ron Myers 16 points.

Sunday Mixed blind draw winners: Kevin Tyrrell, Elaine Larkin, Alice Bower 20 points; runners up Terry Hilton, Owen Cotterill, Bill Woodbury 19 points; 3rd place Col Smith, Jenny Mitchell, Ollie Henderson 17 points.

Nomination sheet on board for Versatility 5's Open Draw Tournament; prizemoney $1750 with 8.45am start Sunday, June 25. Nominations for Minor Pairs Championship close July 3 with first round to be played July 15.

Coming events

  • Wednesday blind draw Triples: Names in by noon for 1pm start       
  • Friday Nominated Pairs: Names in by noon for 1pm start           
  • Saturday Blind draw: Names in by noon for 1pm start            
  • Sunday Mixed Blind Draw: Names in by 12.30pm for 1pm start

Rules Club Women's Bowls

FINALS of the Major Club Championships to be played June 15.

Rules Club Nominated Pairs Commence 22.6.17: Draw F Dallinger, K Morley  V  B Robinson, G Rose. G Hull, K McMillan  V  P Maxdonald, M Hounsell. A Leonard, L Eggleton V J Mitchell, N Gay. H Tyrell, A Bower V T Iirilli, B Cotterill. L Carroll, M Thornton  V  J Chappellow,  V Burkinshaw. R Woodbury, M Telford  V  V Quigley, E Larkin. C Darcy, F Mahon  V  C Freeman, J Wilson. M Williams, J Edwards V J Stair, S Lucas

Social: P McIntyre, G Smith, L Carroll  D   B Bland, N Post, K McMillan. B Robinson, G Rose, J Stair  Drew  B Robinson, I Crouch, B Cotterill. 8.6.17:    V Quigley, M Hounsell D M Telford, V Burkinsh. G Hull, B Robinson, S Lucas  D  A Bower, N Post, K McMillan. G Smith. J Serhan, L Wilson  D  B Bland, P Macdonald, J Mitchell. H Tyrell, I Crouch, M Henderson  D  H Tyrell, E Larkin, L Carroll. R Woodbury, K Reid  D  L Williams, L Woolbank.


ELEVEN ladies played last Thursday for the Monthly Medal and Country Vets NSW and the winner was captain Heather Beattie. NTP 0-30 2nd shot on the 8th Heather. NTP 31-45 on the 13th Kathy Maloney. NTP for the 9 holers was June Bahr. Ellen Pratt won the 9 hole competition.

Newsagency award went to Sandy Newton because Sandy only lost the medal by a shot.

Jane Yates went to the Coolamon Tournament and won the NTP and Division 2 Scratch. Jane was also a "swinger" for Mary Dixon and Helen Morton. Jane and Helen had the win.

Next week is a stableford and the Golf Course Improvement Day, 9am for a 9.30am hit-off and the nine holers, 10.30am.


WELL done to our June Birthday Pairs winners NS Veronica Tarry and Nancy Fitzpatrick and our EW winners Bev Crouch and Rick Tribe and thank you to all who participated. Also well done to our May Monthly Medal winner Marie Moxon.

Friday NS 1st V Tarry N Fitzpatrick 2nd I Britt J Dare 3rd A Quinn D May EW 1st B Crouch R Tribe 2nd M Dwyer R Gooden 3rd A Bodkin H Abigail Thursday Individual 1st D Stanbridge 2nd I Britt equal 3rd S Burns R Gooden Tuesday NS 1st A Quinn I Britt 2nd V Tarry N Fitzpatrick 3rd N Chamberlain C Woodhouse EW 1st M Moxon R Tribe 2nd L Huthwaite M Caspers 3rd N Vennell M Hoppe

Saturday WEEKLY RESULTS 10/06/2017 Saturday NS 1st S Gaynor J Dare 2nd D May Y Curtis 3rd V Tarry N Quilty EW 1st M Dwyer M Moxon 2nd H Treloar T Treloar 3rd M Periera H Abigail.


MONDAY, June 5: 1st W Pfitzner & J Currie. 2nd M Francis & D Grady. 3rd B Krishan & P Timmins Tue 6 June: N/S 1 st J Buchhorn & M Roughan. 2nd M Hardy & J Robertson. 3rd C Brown & J Rosetta E/W 1st C Gibbs & R Gibbs. 2nd L Lamont & N Beazley. 3rd T Lowe & A Madigan Wed 7 June: 1st J Jackson & M Jenkins. 2nd D Brennan & J Rava. 3rd A Berry & F Martin Thur 8 June: 1st C Brown & E Rorrison. Eq 2nd I Britt & V Cook. E Moss & A McDonald. 3rd B Gillard & S Matheson Fri 9 June: Club Championship Pairs: N/S 1st C Brown & J Robertson. 2nd J Rosetta & K McMahon. 3rd S McAlpin & T Dalglish E/W 1st J Rava & D Brennan. 2nd R Roworth & W Pfitzner. 3rd E Moss & V Cook.


THIS week saw large numbers in all club events. Wednesday am Blind Draw: With a score of 9.25 Terry Hilton, Garth Green & Mick Yarrington took home the cash from Roy Hollis, John Kingston & Lionel Johnson on 9 points with Poss Hay, Carl Seacamp & Brian Sheppard on 8.50. Wednesday pm Nominated Pairs: Kim Maher & Garry Kern with a score of 16.25+24 were the winners from Brian Harmer & Denis Knight on 14+16.