Wagga man hopes to establish amateur beekeeping club in city

WAGGA residents looking for a new hobby for 2013 could find an exciting and unusual experience waiting, with a fledgling beekeepers’ club in the city.

Twelve months after moving from Sydney to Wagga, Malcolm Bauer is seeking to establish an amateur beekeeping club in Wagga.

The club will meet for its first meeting tonight, Wednesday, March 20, in the Fields Studies Unit at Charles Sturt University from 6pm to 8pm.

Malcolm said the aim of the club was to provide local beekeepers and people interested in getting started with the tools and knowledge they need to pursue the hobby.

“The beauty of a beekeeping club is you can learn how to keep bees, share information and have access to the knowledge you need to get started,” he said.

“Probably the main benefit though is the chance for us all to share equipment so people don’t have to buy everything.

“Things like extractors and wiring boards which are quite expensive and only used seasonally can be kept by the club and shared by members.

“The group also acts as a support network for people who are new to beekeeping and they can access any help they might need.”

Malcolm is confident people will find beekeeping an easy and affordable hobby to adopt.

“To get started you really only need boxes, a smoker and a vale,” he said.

“I made my own boxes, but you can buy them through a beekeeping supplier in Sydney.

“A smoker and a vale are both fairly cheap to pick up.

“Some people choose to do a formal course through TAFE once they get started, but people will be able to get the help and knowledge they need through the club.”

Wagga man Malcolm Bauer is establishing an amateur beekeeping club in the city.

Wagga man Malcolm Bauer is establishing an amateur beekeeping club in the city.